Exactly How To Locate Outstanding Vegan Food In China// What I Consume & & Carry Out In A Day

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38 thoughts on “Exactly How To Locate Outstanding Vegan Food In China// What I Consume & & Carry Out In A Day”

  1. I'm a vegetarian in China, and I have to admit that the vegetarian environment in China is not friendly, vegetarian restaurants are less, but shopping is very convenient,.we can making vegan food very cheap and healthy.

  2. Its simple to enjoy whole food plant-based food.
    You learn to cook and frequent the open/wet markets.

    Otherwise, EVERYTHING in China has some form of animal/refined oil in it. Period.
    Sorry for the news for all the faddists, but having lived here now for 9 years and following a Whole food plant based nutritional regimen – this is the truth – regardless of what you might be told in a restaurant where often vegetarian food IS available – in label as they simply leave out the large chunks of meat and use the same broth which is laden with all sorts of snail/sish/ meat ingredients.
    And to go a bit further, despite one's seeing every episode of Kung Fu, most Buddhists are NOT vegetarian – simply review history and discover how Gama died from eating a piece of tainted pork given to him….And then add to this fact the fact that in much of Asia seafood (and in many areas eggs and dairy (although dairy in Asia is rare) are not considered meat products.
    Oh, and while the Chinese are very polite, DON'T show up with ear-rings and visible tattoos, for as trendy as you might imagine them to be in the West, they are STILL strongly associated with gangs and crime in Asia, and they are NOT looked upon nicely.
    Sorry if this destroys some strongly held beliefs…but reality has a way of doing that.

  3. nice to find a vegetarian youth talking and encouraging the world to be one.

    really you deserve chanting this mantra-like verse: लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु

  4. You are what a REAL Vegan is: optimistic, gentle, at peace with everything, easy going, friendly. Come on, you can see what WE are. Can u imagine a world full of ppl like him?. Go Vegan, LIVE like a Vegan and FEEL it! Subscribed! Namaste, Brother!

  5. Are there really no machines in America that freshly press oranges for you? In Belgium, which I consider a boring place, it's pretty normal for supermarkets to have a machine that presses oranges for you on the spot. So not entirely the same thing, you have to go pay at the register, it's not like a vending machine, but yeah xd. Seems weird that you have never seen that before.

  6. I would love to learn Chinese. I'm studying Spanish and Russian on my own because I can't afford college. I dreeeeeam of being a translator one day. I'm only 23, so I guess I've got some time 🙂

  7. I loved this video so much! I've recently started my zero waste journey as well. I think it's super exciting. Do you travel with your own metal cutlery? Please share more info about how you are going. Peace 🙂

  8. Thumbs up to Jackson for starting a zero-waste journey!! I am doing the same and just finished making a batch of DIY mineralizing toothpaste for the month. Every little bit helps! 🙂

  9. Dude, I'm in the reflection of your sunglasses when you declare you dumped me in the river :-DD.

    Thanks for your awesome work and featuring me in your videos. Happy to be your host and proud to call you my friend.

    I especially like how you FFW the process of making your vegan food. Many people would like to become vegan and less dependent on meat but they have no idea what and how to put together to make good vegan food. Keep those coming.

  10. Really enjoying your vlogs. I would ask can you please mention the US dollar amounts when you buy at the markets. Also, that orange juice vending machine is AWESOME!!!

  11. YUM! jackson that train dinner is the best , tastiest and I bet the most wholesome nutritious ! you got the rice , good idea! 🙂 ur host , I liked him, i think he was the best host so far! 🙂

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