How to Keep Your Hanging Baskets Looking Good

How to extend hanging basket life.

Take a look around your neighborhood in the late summer. Do you see that some people hanging baskets are looking a bit tired. Not many flowers, brown leaves, just a few sticks in a basket in some cases? (Not yours explicitly).

In early summer lots of people visit their local garden center. They buy imaginatively planted hanging baskets, take 'em home, hang' em up. House looks great. They get up early in the morning to water and feed them. Do it again when they get home. Have great pride, great motivation because they can see their care and attention is doing a great job. Then they go on holiday. Maybe they can not find anyone to water. Maybe they can, but the neighbor does not realize just how much attention is needed, or they go out for the day. Life just gets in the way. The hanging baskets stop thriving, go into a decline. When you come home it is not quite so easy to feel proud and motivated, so the decline continues (anyway – it is not easy to revive a sick basket).

What's the solution?

The hanging basket performance Declines for two reasons.

  • The compost dries out, the plant can not get water, it either dies or suffers from stress.
  • The basket runs out of nutrients. The plants starve, they stop growing and flowering.

The solution is to irrigate and feed regularly. It does not really matter if you use a lance, a watering can or an automatic system. The plants do not care as long as they get regular attention.

The easy solution is the WaterWand Heliomatic solar irrigation kit. It contains everything you need to water your hanging baskets from a water barrel (except the water barrel). It is easy to install. It is easy to set up. It's used in many countries around the world. It waters more when it is sunny, less when it is dull, so your baskets always get enough water, but there's not much waste. Your precious rainwater lasts longer too.

The clever bit

Okay, so there's plenty of valve timers out there which can water your baskets, regular as clockwork. But how many can feed your plants too? The WaterWand can. Just add soluble fertilizer to your water barrel. Miracle gro works well. Not too strong. A gram a litre is enough. Now every 3 hours your plants get food and drink – not a bad life really. They will thank you with good growth and great displays of flowers or foliage. Try it for yourself. Make that summer basket last twice as long and look twice as good for 1 / 10th the effort.


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