How to use crystal in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, Crystal Stone also stated feng shui stone, because of the natural Crystal obtain hundreds billion a long time Reiki of the earth. A wide range of natural aspects from the crust precipitation, Then just after a great number of a long time of refining of, structure of a wide range of crystals, Every single crystal represents a unique vitality frequency, And makes unique magnetic fields and functions. In Feng Shui, Crystal in accordance to the 5 aspects Elements real truth, Overall health Feng Shui, on the evolution of the most significant steel, wooden, drinking water, hearth and earth.

5 Elements Overall health

Gold grows drinking water, drinking water grows wooden, wooden grows hearth, hearth grows earth and earth expand gold.

5 Elements conflict

Gold conflict wooden, wooden conflict earth, earth conflict drinking water, drinking water conflict hearth and hearth conflict gold.

「Gold」, 「Wood」, 「Water」, 「Fire」, 「Earth」Five Elements Overall health and conflict, Evolution of all matters, Soon after the development of all matters, Shape, colour mirrored the inherent attributes of the 5 Elements.

Representative of the colour: White, gold inexperienced, blue, pink, black, blue, gray and red, purple yellow, espresso.

Color destruction everyday living, Equal to 5 Elements conflict, Color enrich everyday living, Equal to 5 Elements Overall health. If the character lacks a selected ingredient in the 5 Elements, Most of the feng shui instructors will educate you to select the acceptable crystal to solve. Further, The mansion is in the exact same geographical, If feng shui home, regardless of whether because of the people, locations, and matters altered the unique air, or experienced no great, Most will also consider a solid magnetic field working with the crystal to modify the feng shui vitality. Honestly to say, Feng Shui and Feng Shui geography concept, actually too profound.

How to use crystal for feng shui

◆         The Home secure move of prosperity: In the 4 corners of the home hanging a crystal ball or set white cluster, Can kind a protecting gas for home field, not only ward off evil and servicing security and peace, Extra conducive to sleek airflow and prosperity.

◆         Accumulated prosperity gas to boost the feng shui soften the ghost: Amethyst cave set the home not only soften the ghost, Can also obtain a blessing, enrichment gas.

◆         Townhouse from evil spirits and flourish: The money situation or at home, set a white apparent quartz cluster, The two the townhouse from evil spirits to ward off evil, But they can be created extra affluent.

◆         Regular boost in emotional intelligence of pupils: The student’s desk or bedside set amethyst, Intelligence can be created and boost the intuitive Can also minimize eye stress brought on by looking at.

◆         Anti-tv, personal computers, microwave radiation: In tv, laptop or computer, subsequent to the microwave radiation can cut down by the apparent quartz cluster.

◆         Entrance experience to the corner, tree trunks, utility poles, Can be set at the doorway hung a significant crystal ball or crystal clusters, crystal pillar, to solve the evil.

◆         The bathroom doorway experience to the residing doorway: Hanging crystal ball in the bathroom doorway to defuse the undesirable scent.

◆         Cross beam up the mattress: Available under the beam hanging a significant white quartz cluster or level, Resolve the push of the cross beam.

◆         Small business booming and a excellent collecting of distinguished visitors: In the 4 corners of the company premises set a malachite to help attract visitors, The counter, rose quartz or amethyst set boost the reputation company edge.

◆         Powerful for the prosperity ask for: Small business premises, workplace or home up seven yellow crystal or Phantom array, Is a great way for prosperity, yellow crystal attract surprising income, Phantom make a occupation and prosperity.

◆         Combine emotion and promote relationship: Place the pink crystal in the mattress can promote the integration of emotional, Pink crystal for the household, friendship, love has a part in adaptation. Appreciate can provoke and promote relationship.

Crystal and birthday

◆         Born in January, February of the traditional Chinese calendar, Belong to the 5 Elements of wooden, Better to raise their personal selection is wooden crystal, Do not to pick a gold crystal.

◆         Born in April, May perhaps of the traditional Chinese calendar, belong to the 5 Elements of hearth, Better to raise their personal selection is a drinking water crystal, Do not to pick a wooden crystal.

◆         Born in July and August of traditional Chinese calendar, belong to the 5 Elements of gold, Better to raise their personal selection is hearth crystal, Do not to pick a drinking water crystal.

◆         Born in October and November of the traditional Chinese calendar, belong to the 5 Elements of drinking water, Better to raise their personal selection is hearth crystal, Do not to pick an earth crystal.

◆         Users may perhaps be astonished, Why I under no circumstances have stated the earth everyday living people? Lunar March, June, September and December born are the soil everyday living of people , The teacher stated, Anyone demands to survive riding in the land, suggests earth everyday living may perhaps meet with any house of the crystal.

    Now we to discover the masterly analysis the 5 Elements represented by the several crystal houses.

1)                       Black, white, transparent crystal belong to gold and drinking water, gold stand for Powerful, dynamic, drinking water stand for sleek and extra evasive.

2)                       Citrine belongs to the earth of the 5 Elements, stand for the prosperity.

3)                       Purple, pink crystal belong to hearth, stands for Associations. The pink Crystal also will help reputation.

4)                       Eco-friendly, Blue Crystal belongs to the wooden of the 5 Elements, On behalf of the versatility.

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