HSBC Funny Culture ads ( Subway, Bart, Golf )

hsbc culture funny ads


20 thoughts on “HSBC Funny Culture ads ( Subway, Bart, Golf )”

  1. I did not know sleeping in subway as that way is acceptable in Asian country. Seriously?? It is a BAD manner in China, but Chinese people just do not like to say it.

  2. The rest of the world still struggle's with the global recession left behind by the unsound practices of the financial industry. And now, after being bailed out by the public for their own shady practices, these assholes are back to being the most profitable sector in a RECESSION… To top it off, HSBC has laundered billions of dollars for Mexicans cartels, and got away with it by fine only. A FINE, for money laundering, where the average joe would be sentenced to a lengthy jail term. What the hell is wrong with people.

  3. In arab cultures if you compliment material posesition someone has, they feel strangely obligated to give it to you. It happened with my neighbor, she wanted to give me her shoes. 🙂

  4. HSBC Singapore has denied me access to my account for over a year – now they have suspended it for lack of activity. The customer hotline is intolerable. I can’t get access to any responsible officer of HSBC Singapore to resolve the matter. Please message me if you can assist. Thanks

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