Ideal Way to Chop Onions

This is how to chop an onion swiftly, safely, and without waste. It really is a modification on the traditional three-axis chop that allows you to get little, even-sized pieces of onion appropriate up to the root stop, and it’s quicker than any other strategy that I have tried.

Red onions ready for chopping

Discovering a Better Way

If you have been cooking for some a long time, you have probably put in untold hours chopping onions. It’s a chore, that is a needed evil of cooking due to the fact onions type the foundation of numerous dishes. The classic way of chopping onions has never sat properly with me since you stop up with a chunk of onion that you possibly toss and waste or spend further time chopping it separately. That is why I have invested the earlier few months dissecting onions to determine out the very best way to chop them. While I simply cannot say I’ve found a way to get all the hassle out of chopping onions, I have found a considerably better method to chop them.

Onion Anatomy one hundred and one

Before I show you the supreme onion chopping technique let us get on the very same webpage about an onions anatomy and some fundamental terminology. Onions are essentially a layered sphere with a root conclude and a prime end.

Anatomy of an onion.

When you cut an onion in 50 percent, it exposes the levels, and you can see the main in the heart.

How to Prep an Onion

When you want to chop an onion, the first thing you have to do is to prep it. There are a whole lot of techniques to do this, but the most successful strategy is the adhering to:

Remove the top of the onion.

Reduce the prime off.

Slice the onion in half from the top to root end.

Slice the onion in 50 percent from the top to the root finish.

Peel the onion.

Peel the halves.

The purpose why we really do not minimize the root stop off is that this, alongside with the core of the onion, is what’s heading to keep our onion collectively as we chop it.

Conventional Strategy of Chopping Onions

This is the classic technique of chopping onions that most cooks use. It is undoubtedly not the worst approach, but it’s not excellent either.

Add vertical slits in the onion from the top to nearly the root end.

Slice vertical slits in the onion from the prime to the root finish.

Slice the onion horizontally 2-3 times.

Slice two to 3 horizontal slits in the onion from the prime toward the root finish.

Chop the onion

Turn the onion 90 levels and chop the onion perpendicular to the very first established of vertical slits.

The Dilemma

Here’s the problem with this technique: you finish up with a large chunk of onion toward the root finish that you then have to chop up individually. It may possibly not seem to be like a large deal, but when you are working with a mountain of onions, it’s a good deal of further work.

Leftover root end of the onion

Some of you may possibly be contemplating that if you just minimize the slits deeper, you can get all the way to the root stop, but then the onion will start off to drop apart as you chop it. This can make it really hard to chop the onion evenly, and it also offers a danger of reducing your self.

A Better Way to Chop Onions

After getting apart a dozen onions, and contemplating about the internal geometry of them, I recognized that when sliced in 50 percent, the main of the onion is not sloped like the outer layers. Considering that it is in essence flat, there’s no require to reduce horizontal slits into it.

After noticing this, I modified the classic method, slicing horizontal slits into the sides of the onion toward the middle, instead of through the whole onion, from the prime to the root end. This leaves the main intact, keeping the onion with each other, so you can minimize the vertical slits deeper without having affecting the steadiness of the onion. This, in switch, makes it possible for you to chop the onion more rapidly, finer, and far more evenly. Here’s a video on my entire onion chopping technique, and you can you scroll down a bit far more for my step-by-step approach with photos.

Very best Way to Chop an Onion




  1. Prep the onion using the instructions earlier mentioned

  2. Reduce two to 3 slits from one particular side of the onion in direction of the center, but do not cut through the main.

    It'd better to cut the slits from the sides of the onion.
  3. Lower two to three slits from the other facet of the onion toward the center, leaving the core intact.

    Cutting slits in the side of the onion makes it easier to chop.
  4. Cut vertical slits into the onion practically to the root end. The closer you room these slits, the smaller sized your onions will get chopped.

    Cutting vertical slits in an onion.
  5. Change the onion and chop perpendicular to the vertical slits you just created, all the way to the root stop.

    When the slits are cut from the sides the onion is easier to dice.
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