Improve Semen Taste – Foods That Affect Semen Taste

The taste of your semen is largely determined by the foods that you eat. Here are some foods that can make it bitter, salty or sweet:

  • Bitter – Foods such as coffee, garlic, onion, broccoli, cauliflower etc., can make your ejaculate bitter and this is because of high sulfur content in them
  • Salty – Red meat and dairy products are likely to make your seminal fluid salty.


  • Fruits since they are rich in sugar
  • vegetables such as celery
  • leafy greens like parsley
  • peppermint and lemon

Apart from the above, cinnamon and pineapple juice are the most effective foods that can make your ejaculate sweet.

Over and above, you must quit smoking and drinking alcohol which does not affect your semen health and sperm count but can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Another aspect of ejaculate enhancement most men are concerned about is the volume they produce.

Most men desire to be able to increase the volume of ejaculate. A larger volume of seminal fluid can enhance pleasure on ejaculation and make you enjoy more intense orgasms. This is because you need stronger contractions to release more seminal fluid on ejaculation and these contractures determine the intensity of orgasms. Thus, if you are able to produce double the amount of seminal fluid, you are likely to enjoy double the pleasure on ejaculation.

There are some natural supplements that are a potent blend of herbs and other nutrients, vitamins and amino acids that not only increase the volume of your seminal fluid but also ensure rock hard erections and improved sex drive.

Check out more on how to Improve Semen Taste with foods and the best supplements to enhance your ejaculate volume.


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