Information: Ree Drummond Exhibits Racism on Meals Community About Asian Wings

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46 thoughts on “Information: Ree Drummond Exhibits Racism on Meals Community About Asian Wings”

  1. Really? Now you have to try and steal from Asians? You are the biggest racist. It's not bad enough you scream racism every chance you can, you have to steal from Asians? Did they call you and ask you to fight the good fight for the Asian community? Trying to make a name for yourself like those idiots "Reverand" Jackson and super idiot Sharpton? Didn't Jackson father a child from a woman while married? "Counciled" Bill Clinton about Monica Lewinsky? Hypocrisy at its finest. The most racist people I know are black people. You spread hate and deceit. You're a hater. And you are hated back by many. Don't think you're a great guy. You surely are not. Stay with your stagnate issues on how Whitey keeps you down. And I'll keep watching the news where young black kids kill each other with guns and drugs. Killing and robbing and stealing from everyone they can. And it just reinforces my thinking. You keep spreading your hate, your lies. And the plight and dreams of black people will fade away. A needle in the arm, a bullet in the head, iron bars for homes. You're killing yourselves, the white man don't need to do it for you. But whatever you do, don't take responsibility for your own life.

  2. Oh my gosh how could she be so insensitive to asians! Lol. How dare she try to work an Asian style dish into a show platform in which she serves it to here family and friends who have food preferences. They should have all just held a wing and grinned. Instead she just had to be racist. Seriously screw you guys who want to extrude racism from everything. Now enter the black people looking for validation of how it's all a vast consiracy to keep them down, not personal responsibility. Don't you see asians in America join the fight. Laugh all the way to sleep and then all the way to my job in the morning where I work my but off with asians and black people. One guy even said the asian wings smelled good.

  3. What was so racist about referring delicious buffalo wings over Asian wings ? Too each their own taste. I love me some Asian chicken salad and happen to dislike taco salads. Does this make me racist? No! It's a name for the dam salads. Food is not a person, people!

  4. That is ridiculous , there is always someone trying to make something out of nothing . We all have a right to like what we like abd not like what we don't like. With all the problems in the world, this is just outrageous. I am pretty sure she did not mean that in a racist way.

  5. I don't think it's racist. All this shows is how provincial Rea Drummond and her husband and crew's tastes are. But they're entitled to be provincial. Some people are never exposed to other cultures and never develop an adventurous palate. Their loss.

  6. I feel stupider for spending the time to listen to this. Its not racist its just her family show. Pranks were in style and THAT IS IT.

  7. This is ludicrous and nit picky to the MAX. WHO CARES??? She made a joke with her husband about the type of "chicken wings" he likes, so ARREST HER! Seriously? You are so far gone with this political correctness manipulation crap that it's a wonder you can get out of bed in the morning and walk across the floor! Get a life and quit looking for insults; enjoy your time here on earth. I doubt Ree Drummond is out to get you, Fella; I think you're out to get yourSELF!!!

  8. Must everything be about race? I'm 100% sure she wasn't even thinking about anything racial while she was preparing chicken wings. Good grief. I don't like Asian wings either but that's just a preference on the flavor of a wing not the disliking of a people/culture.

  9. Ur an idiot and no damn way should anyone subscribe to ur stupid at black world news crap.. what about just news huh?? I'm pretty damn sure that "black news" is highly RACIST! U don't get to call everyone else racist when u seem to be the guilty party. step back and take a good look in the mirror

  10. These are the white reade drummand wings…come on where are the real wings. Just kidding I wouldn't do that to you…… here are the real deal Asian wings. Dam stupid ass that don't know anything about common sense or cooking.

  11. What a ridiculous thing to get upset about! Stop it! Stop inventing racism when it isn't there! Seriously? None of you were offended; you just saw or imagined an opportunity to cause a disturbance over nothing! Stop it! We're disgusted over efforts to cause dissension!

  12. Not sure that was racist. What if she had served him I dunno….. wings covered in mayonnaise instead, would that have been racist? :S …. making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  13. Honestly, what does this have to do with black people? Let asians deal with their own problems, since they love white people so much.

  14. I watch we watched the episode a couple of times it 2012 and I don't find it insulting at all. I happened to be an Asian myself.
    She was playing a trick on her picky husband and his friends. I honestly thought it was funny.
    Before the pioneer woman married a rancher, she enjoyed going to Indian, Japanese American, and Chinese American restaurants when she was in college in LA.
    She prepared Asian w style wings that day because she personally enjoyed them, but the rest of the people and her crew did not trust unfamiliar flavors. This has nothing to do with insulting Asians.
    If we want to talk about racism issues, this should be the last thing on our minds. There are people who are truly disrespectful, and since I actually watch the show, I know that this was meant to be a joke and not to disrespect your message.

  15. sorry but I'm fed up with these posts about reporting racism from racist. can we stick to the solutions and positive empowerment post on Boyces channel….leave the bitching to Tony tariq and the others man this is getting more depressing and we need space to breath

  16. how did you get boyce to let u on his channel. now i am looking at him sideways. this story among others you have done are pointless

  17. I hope Boyce review all these comments and realize stories like this garbage is NOT for "your black world" must be one of the worst videos i've ever seen on this channel and it's not even a racial issue much less a BLACK one.

  18. This is too sensitive… not news worthy at all… and i agree with the notion that for the most part… Asians love love love their white ppl to death so… let them deal with that… funny thing is, i was just at a video where a cnn news guy was doing a correspondence when his mixed asian children interrupted his interveiw and the wife wrangled the kids up and whisked them out the room… it was funny… but guess what white ppl did in the comments… you guessed it! lol… talked all kinda racist shit about the kids and the mom… smh… but they love their pilgrims!! cdfu

  19. I hope you are reading the comments and looking at your dislikes. Do not worry, your Asian sponsors will be okay.

  20. This is sad they put this stupid mess up !!!!!! its not even racist, > Cracker dont like Chinese chicken # ReALLY

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