Japanese Chinese Supply Meals

Now we’re finding Chinese foods delivered to our property. Osaka Osho is well known for their Gyoza dumplings. We’re unquestionably buying s plate of that along with some other delicious dishes.

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18 thoughts on “Japanese Chinese Supply Meals”

  1. I live on the east coast of the United States, and the Chinese American version of that is called egg foo young. The only difference is…The rice egg and gravy, comes with your choice of chicken shrimp pork or beef

  2. Again, things I thought I would never even want to taste looked so good that I would order them and gobble them down. Nice to know all the ingredients, the degree of spice, and how the dish ranks with other restaurants that sell same thing. The gravy, rice, egg bowl looked wonderful. Simple get seasoned enough to be good without being overly spiced.

  3. Harumaki, yakisoba, and gyoza here in New York are all served in sushi/Japanese-takeout restaurants and never in Chinese takeout. To me they are "Japanese dishes that started out as Chinese but through variation became Japanese." So in Japan, their Chinese origin is emphasized.

    I've watched 100+ of Tabi videos, but I always end up commenting more on the Chinese-themed videos because I'm fascinated by how culture is transferred and changed during transfer (and yep, I'm Chinese).

  4. wow servings so much smaller than chinese takeout in canada! they give you enough to feed a family… ahaha … i wish they had yakisoba here too.. ramen is most popular here! we have a few japanese bakery which are So Good. a couple who moved here from japan make really nice melonpan and karepan

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