Jay Sean will get an unpredicted surprise…!

Hundreds extra listed here:

Jay Sean is back in the Uk and Nihal could not allow him leave with no reuniting him with some outdated good friends.


30 thoughts on “Jay Sean will get an unpredicted surprise…!”

  1. 0:25 its great, for all the success, fame and westernisation, you see one of your old friends and its back to full-on indian mode in a few secs like you never left. Thats the great thing about our culture

  2. My first ever crushes <3 the rishi rich project was basically the soundtrack to my childhood, so many memories! Cant wait to hear what theyll release together again! XD this vid gives me so many feels its unreal!!!

  3. Wow these guys are very talented 🙂 I think most artists don't deserve the success they have but these guys definitely do! 

    Best moment — 0:25! lool

  4. Real shame the British Asian industry has always Ever pushed Rishi and Jay Sean in particular! This hype never lasted and this is just another hype stunt by PR company who run everything! Again Jaysean will disappear because he needs to be himself 100% (Indian) with his real name and that way he will be respected by the real buying public

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