Joey Diaz as well as Brian Redban talk food distribution solutions as well as frustrating dining establishments

Joey Diaz as well as Redban speak about obtaining food supplied, as well as different disappointments at the exact same Italian dining establishment.

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29 thoughts on “Joey Diaz as well as Brian Redban talk food distribution solutions as well as frustrating dining establishments”

  1. With grubhub, you can also track the driver from the restaurant to your house. Also, if we pinch from your food, we will lose our jobs. Some people are nasty, and they get fired.

  2. Damn…I just got done eating a really good, big meal…..and, now I want some fucking fried chicken!! Thanks, guys!!! Now, I have to go get some chicken in the morning. lol If you live in a small area like I do, and things actually shut down, and nothing is open 24 hours….or after like 9 pm…lol….unless you want to drive 20 miles…Uncle Joey's good food stories can almost be torture…lol.

  3. From nashville top 5 imo:
    Prince's/hot chicken
    Pizza perfect (21st ave)
    Smiling elephant/thai
    Arnold's/southern meat & 3
    Urban grub
    [LOTS of overrated restaurants here]

  4. Brian is contradicting himself about the Chicago Style pizza here because I remember in an episode of Kill Tony he was downing it and now he’s talking how he grew up on it and how he likes it so much.

  5. Food delivery is the laziest shit. This whole delivery, Uber, postmates, I can't leave my house to feed myself stuff has to stop. You lazy fucking assholes.

  6. Do you ever go to Ricobene’s for the breaded steak sandwich here in Chicago? It’s outstanding. Next time you come here I will try to connect with you guys and take you there.

  7. No wonder they all look like they're just stepped out of a vat of formaldehyde, just listen to all the crap they eat. American cuisine scares the shit out of me, especially fast food, why would people eat that shit.

  8. I marinated chicken with butter bbq honey minced garlic and onions with a little bit of terriki sauce for 4 days, baked it in the oven for 2 hours on low heat and 30 minutes on high and it was so fucking good I ate so much of it i threw up and just kept eating… i cant explain it… it was soooo fucking good hes right marination is the key to juicy, flavor in every bite. Later that same week i saw a wolf going through my trash eating the bones… came out of the woods just because it smelled how good that shit was. fuckk

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