Jollibee: The McDonald’s of Asia

Jollibee is a home-grown, family food business that started in the Philippines. Today, in some Asian markets, it’s beating McDonalds at its own game. Jollibee has become a fast-food empire that spans from Asia to America – and one of Asia’s most successful brands.


27 thoughts on “Jollibee: The McDonald’s of Asia”

  1. Jollibee Padala must be improve in massive way, costumer are ordering online from abroad to the family in philippines but they never received or very late delivery(4 Days). If you can't give this service to costumer stop marketing it. Bad for costumer bad for business

  2. We only have one Jollibee here in Washington State and its far from Downtown Seattle. They should make one in Downtown Seattle. I'm pretty sure that it'll be a hit.

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  4. I was shocked to see McDonald's in Makati City selling Chicken, Rice, and Spaghetti when I traveled to the Philippines. Now I know why they were selling these items that they never sell here in the US. They were trying to compete with Jollibee. Maybe McDonalds here in NC will start selling Pansit! Yeh right!

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