Key Shaitan Singh Param Vir Chakra (PVC)


Key Shaitan Singh was born on 1st December  1924 at Jodhpur in Rajasthan. He was commissioned in the Kumaon Regiment on  August 1st 1949.

In 1962 a dispute obtained erupted involving India and china in excess of aksai chin. Chushul is a little village in a narrow sandy valley  at 14,230 feet.  Its 25 miles extended and 4 miles large, flanked by mountains that increase to in excess of 19,000 feet. Its 15 miles from the border and with an all weather landing strip that was important to the defense of Ladakh. Key Shaitan Singh was mindful of the importance of this sector.

On the southeastern approach to Chushul Valley is a move termed Rezang La .

at an normal top of 16,000 feet the feature was 3000 yards extended and 2000 yards large.

In 1962 in the course of the indo-china conflict the 13 Kumaon regiment was deployed at the Chushul sector. The  ‘C’ Company of 13 Kumaon regiment was commanded by Key Shaitan Singh. The platoons were being numbered 7, 8 and 9 in  ‘C’ Company. They experienced about 303 rifles with  600 rounds for every head,  there were being six LMGs involving them  and 1,000 grenades and mortar bombs.

At a top of 5000 meters at Rezang La Key Shaitan Singh, held a important placement

Although top the ‘C’ Company. The three platoons defended the business spot from three positions  whilst isolated  the bordering territory  from the rest of the battalion. On the morning of 18th of November the significantly-waited Chinese assault on Rezang La arrived.

The snow was falling that evening, it was the conclude of a chilling wintertime evening. The chilly icy wind was blowing by Rezang La. The chilly weather was not the only difficulty the Indian troops confronted their Rezang La was crested to our artillery. which intended that they experienced to take care of with out the protection from the large guns.

The Chinese forces were being noticed going by nullahs in the morning dim gentle. They were being advancing toward the 7 and 8 quantity platoon positions.

The Indian troops took their positions to counter the Chinese forces. The India assault begun at 0500 hrs when the visibility enhanced a little bit. Both the 7 and 8 quantity platoons opened hearth at the advancing Chinese troops with rifles , grenades, LMG and mortars.  Even nevertheless the artillery was not utilized the Indian troops brought on weighty casualties on Chinese. In spite of  the Chinese defeat in the initial frontal assault they were being not discouraged.   At 0540 hrs the Chinese troops showered Indian positions with weighty artillery and mortar hearth. Shortly just after that  350 Chinese soldiers attacked by nullahs. The 9 quantity platoon waited for the enemy to appear to ninety-meter length and then showered them with all the weapons they experienced with them.  Within a quick span of time  the entire nullahs  was comprehensive of Chinese useless bodies.

Just after staying defeated twice in frontal attack  the Chinese troops made a decision to assault from the rear aspect . around 400 Chinese troops attacked. At the same time they opened weighty MMG hearth on 8 quantity platoon.  the Indian troops  limited the assault to the barbed wire fence near the write-up. The Chinese then resorted to weighty artillery and mortar shelling. An assault team of 120 Chinese also charged No.7 Platoon placement from the rear. On the other hand the three-inch mortar proved very efficient on  the Chinese, leading to weighty causality.

When 20 surviving Chinese soldiers attacked the write-up, a dozen Indian troops rushed out of their trenches to struggle them in hand-to-hand overcome. In the mean time, the Chinese introduced reinforcements. The encirclement of No.7 Platoon was now total. The platoon, nonetheless, fought valiantly till there was no survivor. No.8 Platoon also fought bravely to the very last spherical.

Company commander Key Shaitan Singh showed exemplary braveness and management in the struggle for Tezang La. According to all the eyewitness account he commanded his troops admirably. He risked his individual life  to go from a person platoon write-up to one more motivating his troops to struggle. He also obtained critically injured in the course of this by a Chinese sniper. But he ongoing combating along aspect his adult males. When is was staying evacuated by two of his adult males the Chinese introduced weighty machine gun hearth on them. Key Singh sensing the threat ordered his adult males to leave him there. They put him guiding a boulder on a hill slop, where is took his very last breath.

The China declared a unilateral ceasefire on November 21, 1962.

109 Kumaonis out of 123 were being killed in this action. Between the 14 survivors, 9 were being seriously injured. The causality on the Chinese aspect crossed a thousand. Just after the war Key Singh’s entire body was uncovered at the identical spot. He died from the freezing chilly and the bullet wounds. His entire body was flown to Jodhpur where he was cremated with comprehensive navy honor. Key Shaitan Singh was awarded  , the optimum wartime gallantry medal Param Vir Chakra, posthumously, for his exemplary management, braveness and  devotion to duty.

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