Korean Avenue Foodstuff | MUKBANG


If you really don’t like my taking in audio, my “smacking”, my slurping, my english, or if you only do not like me…. do your self a favor and will not enjoy since none of it will adjust 😀 bye

Many thanks everybody who is constantly so encouraging and savoring what I take pleasure in~ I normally generally have enjoyable filming these videos and I am so happy that you have exciting looking at them as well~! I will get the job done my way up and give you guys all the like that you have specified me
like you men many thanks 😀

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28 thoughts on “Korean Avenue Foodstuff | MUKBANG”

  1. Fuck fuck fuck your vidéo is a huge mistake and you are doing a fucken crazy sound when you are eating fuck wHqt is the fucking wrong with if i do that sound with m'y mouth at home all m'y family and m'y self will go out from fucken home

  2. kizim duzgun ye şapir şapirrrr irendim resmen burda olsan yolarim valla bide azina ururm bu ne ya sapir sapir allahin cezadi yuhhh ayiii

  3. I have eaten all the ramen in my house because when I watch you eat Spicy ramen I crave it like crazy. I have to stay off those videos for a while because I am out of ramen.

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