Laos Wonderland (full documentary) – The Secrets of Nature

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Southeast Asia at its best. 85% of the country is untouched nature, widespread forests, steep mountains and wide river valleys, but also cool high plateaus and savannahs. The primeval forests support a fauna like something out of a fairy tale, with elephants, tigers, leopards, and some of the rarest animal species on the planet. Species never seen by humans are discovered at regular intervals. In recent decades, the few large mammals to be described for the first time were all found in Indochina and experts assume that most of them are at home in Laos: wild oxen such as the saola and kuprey or the truong son munjak. No outsider has ever seen a living specimen of the latter; its existence is only known indirectly, through skeletons, horns and bag that are occasionally found in remote villages. And there is the Mekong, one of the last untamed rivers on Earth. Fed by hundreds of tributaries, it is one of the richest freshwater systems on the planet, comparable only with the Congo or Amazon. This is where the Mekong catfish lives. At 3 meters long and weighing in at 300 kilograms, this monster must be the largest freshwater fish on earth.


32 thoughts on “Laos Wonderland (full documentary) – The Secrets of Nature”

  1. All this infatrating to eventually chop down drug the people with plagues n viruses so white people can take it over a subtle way to send a women to scower the land so u can hunt n take over enslaving n manipulate every dam culture if they were smart abolish every single one trying to approach them they don't see it coming did it to every country to be tookn over n colonized for their own

  2. I was surprised they never mentioned all the cluster bombs the USA dropped during the Vietnam War. To this day every year farmers, people in general, will cause a cluster bomb still buried in the soil to explode. Some are even caught in the trees. Many are maimed or die. The USA has done nothing to remove the bombs or compensate for the injuries and death, only charitable organizations like "COPE".

    What an amazing country! So many interesting places, wildlife, and people! When I see the Mekong River I think of Chang and Eng, the renowned "Siamese Twins". They were born conjoined in an area on the side of their chest. Their mother took loving care of them. They lived in a bamboo hut on stilts over the waters of the Mekong River. They learned to swim and had a synchronous way they would move through the water. I think of them on the far side from Laos.

    I think it was in 1815 they were I think 25 when a British Merchant paid them to sail with him to Europe. In order to leave what was then called Siam they had to meet the king to get permission to leave. It was quite a venture through the elaborate grounds and palace of the king. In Europe and US they attracted huge crowds that would pay to see them. In France I think it was there was some regulation that limited their appearances as they thought that if the women were too near to them they would then give birth to "Siamese Twins". Chang and Eng were taken advantage of and most of the money when to their various managers. They moved to the US and toured. Once they were taken advantage of for so long they got smart and started to manage their own tours. When the managed themselves they were able to finally save money. They bought land in the 1850's. I was upset to read that they were slave owners. They built a big house, but not like the big plantation owner type of mansion. Their slaves cultivated crops. They both married different ladies and each fathered children. I think they had very large families and all the children were normal. They died within 45 minutes of each other if I recall correctly. I get carried away. I hope this entertained you. I now hope to go to Laos some day and experience all the wonder there!!

  3. well just like philippines..this beautiful virgin parts country will be ruin if the government will tolerate every bad situations like killing saling wild animal..tolerate foriegn investors that ruins everything.taking every wealth that nature can give.

  4. I am only through with part of video, but what beautiful country . The village people looked clean everything in order, even though they have no sanitation but the fast forest and it is good fertilizer. The people buying veggies fish in the town. Beautiful waterfalls. etc.

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