Last day in Hong Kong ft. One Item dining establishment

That’s completion of the Hong Kong vlogs! Thanks for joining us on this dark amount experience haha.

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Keep in mind: We likewise took a trip to Macau throughout our Hong Kong journey yet need to postpone them because of organizing disputes.
We will certainly post Macau vlogs after Japan vlogs!

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Dining establishments.
Canton Dim Amount Professional.

One Item Dining Establishment (CLOSED).

Lin Heung Tea Home.


Ho Hung Kee.

Many thanks for viewing! WE LOVE YOU !!!

Chon & Potato.


31 thoughts on “Last day in Hong Kong ft. One Item dining establishment”

  1. I think Jon needs to suck it up when Delana wants to see One Piece. Your taking advantage of what a good girl you have. If you don't appreciate her someone else will and take her from you.

  2. We love you too. Only discover your channel just a week ago. Love everything on your video blog from start to end. Loads of variety, fun and expecially food look so delicious. Thank you for sharing and look forward to your next vlog. Love you guys and take care of each other. Stay awesome xx

  3. You guys make me smile so much! I was laughing so hard the other day and my baby was kicking me like crazy because of it! (Due in May)! Fun for all lol

  4. I saw u at eastern dumping house and my mum was like omg they so pretty my heart was pounding so bad and I just got scared I think u both had glasses on

  5. Should've passed on the food at the One Piece Restaurant and got some merch. Also parts of your video seems racist even though you are Chinese. You should be proud of your heritage.

  6. Omg I recognise that yum cha restuarant, how did you find that Chonny, it's very hard to spot in real life, the door is literally the entrance and besides it are hundreds of other restuarants

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