Laura&#039s Struggle with Hemangiosarcoma — A distinctive pet dog&#039s cancer diet program

Laura’s Cancer Diet regime

Several of you have emailed me inquiring about Laura’s cancer diet program.   I believe that her diet program has retained her powerful and balanced and the range just one motive she is still alive currently.   I have probably spent about more than 30 several hours exploring various cancer eating plans for pet dogs and the very best nutritional vitamins and health supplements to contain.   The following is the final result of my extensive analysis.  This diet program must do the job effectively for any sort of pet dog cancer.

Given that cancer cells thrive on the energy that carbs give the body, you must contain foods with fewer carbs. Food items with greater excess fat content material, include lipids. Cancer are unable to thrive in the presence of lipids this lets more amino acids to replicate and aid in the fight towards cancer. White rice, wheat and breads have extremely significant quantities of carbs, and must not be fed to a pet dog with cancer.  Cancer cells feed on sugar. We are attempting to starve all those cells.

Protein is the most essential element of a cancer diet program, considering that protein is liable for tissue repair. Food items significant in protein, like fish, beef, chicken, pork and eggs, are perfect for cancer sufferers. Not only does protein market tissue repair, but it also aids in the avoidance of cancer in pet dogs, considering that cancer are unable to thrive on protein.

Below is Laura’s Cancer Diet regime.   I am like links to the true products and solutions that I give her in the party that you would like to acquire them also.   Following the recipe for the diet program, I will demonstrate in detail why I pick out just about every ingredient.   Laura is a 54 pound pet dog, so you will require to modify the recipe accordingly.

Morning Meal

1 cup of cooked chopped Rooster or Turkey

1 cup of steamed pureed combined environmentally friendly veggies

1 cooked scrambled egg
1/4 cup cooked chopped liver

2 tablespoons raw chopped parsley

1/2 clove chopped raw garlic

1 tablespoon raw chopped ginger

1 Pet Tab multi vitamin
1 Garlic Pill
2 Vitamin C (a thousand mg full)
1 Vitamin E (400 IU)
1 Thorne Vet Immugen
1 CoQ10
1 Milk Thistle
1 L-Arginine
1 Ashwagandha
1 Reishi Mushroom
1 Bromelain
1 Resveratol
1 Selenium
1 L-Glutamine
1 Tablespoon Lipiderm
1 Tablespoon Essiac Tea

Evening Meal

1 cup of cooked chopped Rooster or Turkey

1 cup of steamed pureed combined environmentally friendly veggies

1/three cup of smashed mackerel
1/4 cup cooked chopped liver

2 tablespoons raw chopped parsley

1/2 clove chopped raw garlic

1 tablespoon raw chopped ginger

1 Vitamin A (ten,000 IU)
2 Vitamin C (a thousand mg full)
1 Chinese Ginseng (five hundred mg)
1 IP-6
1 CoQ10
1 Milk Thistle
1 Thorne Vet Immugen
1 L-Arginine
1 Reishi Mushroom
1 Spirulina
1 Tumeric Curcumin
1 L-Glutamine
1 Astragalus
1 Tablespoon Essiac Tea
2 Tablespoons of Yogurt (presented right after her meal)

Snack: (presented 2x for every day in-involving meals)
2 Tablespoons of cottage cheese
1 Tablespoon of Flax seed oil combined effectively with the cottage cheese

Rotating Dietary supplements: I do just one week on of these and then just one week off
five drops of Echinacea 3x day
1 capsule of Yunnan Baiyao at just about every meal

1 Melatonin (3mg)

Specific Clarification of Components:


The herb Ashwagandha may possibly gradual and even halt the growth of cancerous cells or tumors in the canine body.  Normal use of Ashwagandha also will increase hemoglobin amounts. Its anti cancer, anti-inflammatory and calming characteristics can help in delivering the pet dog with an enhanced high-quality of everyday living.


Current analysis confirms the optimistic influence of Astragalus on immune functioning and its capability to assistance the body fight towards disease and illness.  Astragalus may possibly aid in restoring the functionality of the canine immune technique. It also may possibly prohibit the further more growth of cancer cells and tumors. Astragalus is deemed a supportive herb due to the fact it also enhances the performance of other herbs that may possibly be utilised in homeopathic treatment options. Precisely, astragalus treats tiredness, significant blood tension, shortness of breath and will help the body fight colds.


Current analysis suggests that Bromelain, an enzyme that comes from pineapples, may possibly have an anti-cancer influence.

Rooster or Turkey

Excellent resource of significant high-quality protein.  I typically use the thighs, legs and breast.   I toss as much as I can in a huge crock-pot and allow it cook dinner all day.  When it can be cooked, I de-bone it and chop it. Some individuals suggest only utilizing skinless breasts — but for a cancer pet dog you want the significant excess fat content material.   Remember, a diet program with a significant excess fat content material may possibly gradual tumor growth, and make the body resilient to fight tumor cells.  Depart the skin on!

Chinese Ginseng (five hundred mg)

Ginseng has antioxidant houses, shields towards cancer development, stimulates organic killer mobile functionality, inhibits tumor invasion, and has antiangiogenesis houses.

Cottage Cheese and Flax seed oil

The Budwig Protocol of cottage cheese and flax seed oil identified that tumors progressively receded, weak point and anemia disappeared and everyday living energy was restored. Indications of cancer, liver dysfunction and diabetic issues were alleviated.

Coenzyme Q-ten is a supplement with antioxidant houses. It is a compound manufactured by the body and essential for the creation of energy at the mobile level. Coenzyme Q-ten will help guard the heart and will help raise the immune technique. . The two these benefits can be really handy in pet dogs battling any form of cancer. Some chemotherapy medications such as doxorubicin can induce side consequences such as heart toxicity in pet dogs, so CoQ-ten can be presented as a supplement to pet dog cancer people, particularly all those on doxorubicin. By the way, in people, supplementation of CoQ-ten with other cancer treatment options has been demonstrated to strengthen survival instances.


This is an herb that has very long been utilised in Europe (and now North America) for boosting the immune technique. Dogs with cancer have compromised immune systems, which can be further more weakened by chemotherapy. Echinacea can be utilised re-build a weakened immune technique.

Essiac Tea

The blend of Essiac tea may possibly assistance your pet dog reinforce its immune technique, assistance the body to damage benign growths and tumors, and reinforce muscle tissues, organs and tissues. The formula also may possibly take away toxic accumulation in your dogs’ body, aid in detoxing and elimination, and purify the blood although it provides energy and overall flexibility to bones, joints and lungs.


Garlic stimulates immune functions in the bloodstream by raising the functions of killer cells (cells that seek out out and damage invading microbes and cancer cells). It is thus valuable for pet dogs with suppressed immune systems and pet dogs battling cancer.


Ginger is terrific for relieving vomiting and queasiness, which is a typical side influence brought on by chemotherapy. In addition, ginger can encourage appetite, so that a pet dog affected person with cancer can eat more which is important for battling cancer.


A range of studies support IP6’s (inositol hexaphosphate) cancer-battling houses. Additionally, IP6 has been demonstrated to have potent antioxidant houses. IP6 has been demonstrated in more than twenty five studies to reduce the growth of tumors and shrink present tumors.


L-Arginine is an essential amino acid necessary for the normal mobile growth, metabolic process and organ functionality. However, L-Arginine also plays a crucial role in inducing mobile death. L-Arginine is the typical substrate for two different enzymes namely arginase and nitric oxide synthase (NOS). NOS catalyze the conversion of L-Arginine to Nitric Oxide. Arginase catalyzes the conversion of L-arginine to L-ornithine. L-ornithine is an essential element of mobile proliferation whilst Nitric Oxide inhibits the proliferation of a lot of mobile kinds. That’s why, L-Arginine can be utilised as a treatment method choice for curing particular distinct kinds of cancers.

In a current research conducted on pet dogs struggling with lymphoblastic lymphoma, scientists were in a position to enhance survival time to a sizeable level by delivering L-Arginine and fish oil as a nutritional supplement. L-Arginine was identified to decrease the amounts of lactic acid and insulin in the blood and also decrease the amounts of cytokines that can assistance in the growth of cancer. L-Arginine also will help in improving immunity in cancer people who have undergone chemotherapy or surgical treatment. Certain cancer kinds do not need L-Arginine for their growth. Research have demonstrated that overloading such cancer cells with excess L-Arginine has resulted in diminished tumor growth.


L-glutamine is useful for battling muscle squandering linked with cancer and also shows assure as an immune boosting supplement and may possibly even be useful as an antioxidant. It is useful in this potential to assistance support the dog’s immune technique and assistance preserve body excess weight.


A pet dog with cancer is creating a ton of new tissue, and sufficient proteins and mobile membrane compounds (omega three, 6 and nine fatty acids) are necessary to do this. Lipiderm is a terrific resource of omega three fatty acids.


Incorporates a ton of nutrients and huge quantities of vitamin A and iron.  I ordinarily use a mixture of beef and chicken.


Certain fatty acids termed Omega three, 6 and nine are necessary in battling cancer. Fish oil is a superior resource of these distinct fatty acids. In a diet program supplemented with fish and the amino acid arginine appears to enhance survival time in pet dogs with cancer.  Sardines may possibly also be substituted, but they are highly-priced.   Amazon has a terrific deal on a scenario of Mackerel (Roland manufacturer).

Melatonin utilised with chemo compared to chemo on your own more than doubled the survival time of human cancer people.  A research appeared at over 600 cancer people with a variety of sound-tissue tumors been given melatonin.  The 1 calendar year survival time of the group that took melatonin was more than a 3rd increased than all those that did not.

Milk Thistle
Thіѕ herb саn guard thе liver towards destructive bу-products and solutions οf thе cancer. Aѕ effectively, milk thistle іѕ effectual іn preserving thе body frοm liver destruction resulting frοm chemotherapy.

Blended Eco-friendly Greens

Cancer pet dogs require antioxidant-prosperous veggies to reinforce their immune technique. Pick dark environmentally friendly veggies.  I use a mix of broccoli, spinach, asparagus spears, cabbage, brussel sprouts, celery, collard greens, mustard greens and bok-choy.   These are terrific resources of  a lot of important nutritional vitamins and they are all really reduced carb.   I use a huge steamer to cook dinner them till they are mushy and then puree them in my foods processor.  Make absolutely sure to puree the veggies, considering that pet dogs do not have the enzymes that break the layer outer cellulose levels in veggies.  I also toss in about a teaspoon of floor up egg shells in the vegetable mixture for the calcium.


Parsley acts like an antioxidant in that it neutralizes the unfavorable consequences of the natural environment by reducing contaminants and maintains the elasticity of the blood vessels. It is really valuable for the liver, digestive technique, to re-boot the immune technique, decrease tension amounts in the endocrine technique and will advantage each and every region of digestion.

Pet Tab multi vitamin
Pet tabs is a terrific multi vitamin to make absolutely sure your pet dog is finding all the nutrients it desires.  Vitamins and health supplements play an important role in keeping wellness and vitality.

Reishi Mushroom
Reishi mushrooms do the job to encourage the immune technique. By carrying out so, they limit and reduce the growth of cancer cells. Reishi is regarded to encourage the creation of potent organic anti-cancer substances that inhibit the growth of tumors. It can reduce the growth of secondary cancers, and cuts down side-consequences of chemotherapy.

Has the capability to reduce and gradual down cancer growth in pet dogs, because of to its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer houses.

Scrambled Egg

Superior resource of protein.  Protein repairs weakened tissues.

A mineral and a big antioxidant nutrient. Selenium shields mobile membranes and will help reduce absolutely free radical era.  Selenium can deliver a serious punch towards pet dog cancer. There have been over just one hundred studies carried out in animals that yielded some interesting results. As it turns out selenium has the capability to reduce a lot of kinds of cancer. How important is selenium in the fight towards cancer? One research identified that significant doses of selenium were in a position to halt cancer from forming by eighty to ninety per cent.

Spirulina will increase the level of white cells in the blood and of nucleated cells and DNA in the bone marrow of mice that experienced been subjected to chemotherapy and radiation. In pet dogs, the spirulina extract furthermore greater the level of red blood cells. Spirulina “has chemo-protecting and radio-protecting capability, and may possibly be a opportunity adjunct to cancer treatment. Research present Spirulina or its extracts can reduce or inhibit cancers in people, animals, and fish.

Thorne Vet Immugen
Extensive immune support item that includes nutritional vitamins, minerals, glandular, and herbs with immune-supportive houses.  Activates organic-killer cells and promotes the body’s innate resistance to pathogens.

Tumeric Curcumin

Research carried out on laboratory animals propose that curcumin has sizeable anti-cancer functions and houses. Curcumin is generating big strides in cancer cures, as it not only inhibits tumor growth, but it shrinks present tumors and helps prevent new kinds from growing in carcinogenic cancers.

Vitamin A (ten,000 IU)
Vitamin A is an important antioxidant which may possibly guard towards particular forms of cancer in pet dogs.

Vitamin C
Antioxidant. Vitamin C operates with vitamin E and will help regenerate vitamin E, potentiating its antioxidant influence. Vitamin C supplementation does no damage, considering that the excess is excreted by means of the kidney. When pet dogs deliver vitamin C in their bodies (as opposed to human beings who must have it in their diet program), less than tension or illness, they may possibly require vitamin C in excess of their production potential.

Vitamin E
Evidence indicates that Vitamin E helps prevent cancer.  Vitamin E does encourage immunity and may possibly assistance counteract the side consequences of chemotherapy.


Yogurt can raise immunity, is a prosperous resource of calcium and and improves the bioavailability of other nutrients.

Yunnan Baiyao

If your pet dog has hemangiosarcoma, leukemia, or any sort of bleeding tumor, you will want to know about Yunnan Baiyao (aka Yunnan Paiyao), a Chinese herb that stops bleeding. Yunnan Baiyao has been utilised in Asia for more than just one hundred many years and is deemed a wonder drug for wounds and hemorrhage. It first received recognition by western practitioners all through the Vietnam War. The Vietcong carried it with them and took it if they were wounded to halt bleeding and get better more quickly.  It is now recognized as an efficient solution for reducing clotting time by as much as 55%. Hemangiosarcoma is a really deadly cancer in pet dogs,  which typically just isn’t identified till the pet dog collapses or dies. This kind of cancer is genetic, hereditary, and it runs in bloodlines. It leads to a tumor in the heart (also witnessed in the spleen, and other organs) that qualified prospects to fluid build-up in the pericardium. Yunnan Baiyao has been utilised effectively to ease the fluid build up and assistance with the dog’s consolation level.

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