Leading 5 Food items TO Try to eat IN BARCELONA | Food items Manual

Dine close to Barcelona, Spain & try Filicanish’s Leading 5 Food items to Try to eat when browsing the Catalan Funds. From Tapas to Churros, it truly is sure to be a delightful practical experience!

__Sites Frequented__
Xurreria Trebol:
Churrería Laietana:
Churreria Sagrada Familia:
Chocolateria Valor Barcelona:
St. Josep La Boqueria:
Tapas 24:
Ciudad Condal:
Cerveceria Catalana:
El Quim de la Boqueria:

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26 thoughts on “Leading 5 Food items TO Try to eat IN BARCELONA | Food items Manual”

  1. I love the video… They all look so yummy… I will be visiting Barcelona in October and very excited to try all of them… Thanks for your suggestions…

  2. Barcelona guy here: I must note that "El Quim de la Boqueria" may sound a bit funny to some english speakers since in england, "quim" is slang for vulva. In this case, anyway, Quim (which is pronounced "kim") is a short form for Joaquim, which is a catalan personal name.

  3. Awesome video; Churros look so good!!!. Hey bro, hows the weather at night? I saw you had a jacket and scarf on? I am going there in August.

  4. Cant wait… visiting in 2018 may … already booked hotels . Food is my LOVE!! visiting andorra , barcelona , valencia, gibraltar and casablanca! HEAVEN!

  5. Great video! Looking forward to our visit in October. Do we need to make reservations for any of the tapas places your mentioned? I went on the hyperlinks below and it looks like there's a link to make reservations. Thx

  6. Thanks man!!! If all you do is eat why ain't you as fat as me? LOL no really loved the video and am looking forward to my vacationin September now even more!!

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