Leaping Lion Catches Antelope In Mid-Air Attack

Leaping Lion Catches Antelope In Mid-Air Attack


A flying lion leaps from a ridge to catch a fleeing antelope in mid-air. The extraordinary take down happened after a pair of lionesses surprised two blesboks running in their direction. To escape, a frightened blesbok jumped several metres from the ridge – only to be intercepted mid-flight by the hungry lion. As one of the blesboks makes a lucky getaway the other is swiftly dispatched by the fearsome predators.

Videographer / Director: Joné Fick / Daniel Bailey
Producer: Jack McKay
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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39 thoughts on “Leaping Lion Catches Antelope In Mid-Air Attack”

  1. People need to actually Study videos. The lioness NEVER caught the impala, in mid air! Lioness Sailed through the air while in very close body contact to the impala. Lioness only catches the impala after it hit the ground.

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