Lemon Hen

The best lemon chicken recipe with juicy chunks of savory chicken glazed in a sweet and tangy lemon sauce.

It’s been a although since I have updated a Chinese-American classic and presented a latest ask for I gained for this dish, I made the decision it was high time I give it a go. The basic method is the exact same as my orange chicken recipe, but I’ve substituted honey for the marmalade and used salt instead of soy sauce for the marinade to preserve the colour lighter. Lemon and black pepper are one of my preferred flavor combinations, so I couldn’t resist including a generous grind of the fragrant spice into the marinade for the two taste and heat.

When marinated, the hen is evenly dusted with potato starch ahead of being fried until a light golden brown. I know potato starch is not as effortless to uncover as cornstarch, but it is outstanding in virtually every single way. For frying, potato starch final results in a gentle, crisp crust, as opposed to cornstarch, which tends to get crunchy (like the difference in between a potato chip and a corn chip). As a thickener, it stays totally translucent and does not get gloppy or cloying as it cools. If you simply cannot find it in your grocery retailer it is offered on Amazon.

Tangy, sweet and savory, this easy lemon chicken recipe is quick and delicious.

The hen doesn’t consider extended to fry given that it is minimize into fairly small pieces, so be cautious not to overdo it, or it will get tough and dry. I advise utilizing an immediate-read thermometer. If you really do not have one particular, check out the ones created by Thermoworks, I have been employing them for many years, and they are quick, include a vast temperature selection, and they occur to search wonderful. The model I use (proven in action 5 of the recipe) is a Thermapen Mk4, but its little brother the ThermoPop is just as adorable, and far more affordable, if you really do not need to have the pace.

Right after you have fried the chicken, it just will get tossed in a straightforward sauce packed with masses of lemon flavor, thanks to the addition of each lemon juice and zest, Honey balances out the tartness, whilst sake adds umami to the sauce. If you chose to substitute drinking water for the sake, it would nevertheless flavor fantastic, but the flavor will not be quite as complex. Ultimately, I add just a little bit of soy sauce for some extra flavor, but not adequate to muddy the coloration of the lemon sauce.

Serve this Lemon Chicken with with some Chow Mein, Singapore Noodles, or Avocado Crab Fried Rice for an amazing Chinese-American dinner that will come together in significantly less time than buying just take-out.

Lemon HenIt’s been a whilst because I have up to date a Chinese-American traditional and provided a modern request I gained for this dish, I made a decision it was substantial time I give it a go. The simple process is the identical as my orange rooster recipe, but I’ve substituted honey for the marmalade and utilized salt rather of soy … Keep on looking through “Lemon Chicken”Marc Matsumoto


  • ProgramEntree
  • DelicaciesChinese
  • Produce2 servings
  • Cooking Time10 minutes
  • Preperation Time5 minutes
  • Whole Timethirty minutes


for rooster

350 grams

boneless chicken thighs (reduce into 1 1/2-inch items)

1 tablespoon


one/four teaspoon


floor black pepper (to taste)

1/three cup

potato starch

vegetable oil (for frying)

for sauce


lemon zested

three tablespoons

lemon juice

three tablespoons


3 tablespoons

sake (or drinking water)

one teaspoon

soy sauce

one/2 teaspoon

potato starch

one/four teaspoon


for garnish

sesame seeds


  1. Put the hen in a bowl with the sake, salt and black pepper. Marinate for at the very least 15 minutes, or up to overnight.

  2. When you happen to be prepared to make the lemon hen, include 2-inches of oil to a weighty-bottomed pot, and warmth the oil to 340 degrees F (one hundred seventy C). Prepare a paper towel lined rack.

  3. Lemon chicken sauce in pan with squeezed lemons on the side.

    Whisk the sauce substances collectively in a individual pan and set apart.

  4. Dusting the marinated chicken in potato starch for making lemon chicken.

    Insert the potato starch in a bowl and drop the chicken items in the potato starch. Roll the hen around to coat each and every piece evenly with starch, tapping the excess off on the aspect of the bowl.

  5. Testing the temperature of fried chicken using a purple Thermapen.

    When the oil is ready, fry the rooster in batches till a light-weight golden brown and cooked via (to test, take away a piece from the pan and use an immediate-go through thermometer, it ought to read through a hundred and sixty degrees F). Drain the rooster on the paper towel lined rack.

  6. Lemon chicken in a non-stick pan on the stove.

    When you’ve completed frying all the rooster, bring the lemon sauce to a boil. Incorporate the hen and toss till the sauce has thickened and the hen is coated in a thick, shiny glaze.

  7. Plate the lemon chicken and garnish with sesame seeds and scallions.


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