Lomo Saltado

With tender beef stir-fried with garlic, onions, peppers, and tomatoes, Lomo Saltado is an awesome mashup of Peruvian and Chinese cuisine. Topped with crisp French fries, it's irresistibly good!

What is Lomo Saltado?

The US has Chinese-American cuisine, India has Indo-Chinese, and an influx of Chinese immigrants into Peru throughout the late 19th century produced Chifa delicacies. Chifa is a exclusive subset of Peruvian delicacies which borrows Chinese techniques and ingredients like stir-frying and soy sauce, and applies them to regionally offered components, generating a magical mashup that brings two worlds collectively.

Lomo Saltado is perhaps the most popular dish representing the style and the name actually interprets to “jumped loin.” “Lomo,” or loin, is a reference to the minimize of meat that is typically utilized. “Saltado,” on the other hand is a reference to the cooking method, as stir-frying entails “jumping” the elements about the pan.

With regional as properly as family variants there are as several recipes for this dish as there are cooks that make it.

Lomo Saltado is a stir-fry of beef, peppers, tomatoes and onions.

The Sauce

There are so many regional variations of this dish, it is challenging to pinpoint the precise elements that go into a conventional Lomo Saltado, so I’ll preface every little thing I publish under by declaring that this is my model of the basic and could differ from how your neighborhood Chifa or grandma makes theirs.


The predominant seasoning in Lomo Saltado is soy sauce, which is what provides the Asian flavor to what would in any other case be a stir-fry of Peruvian elements. I utilised a regular darkish soy sauce, but there is a truthful volume of wiggle space here to make adjustments based on what you can get and what your preferences are. In addition to the soy sauce, I like to insert a little bit of oyster sauce, which adds some umami to the sauce and it eliminates the need to add MSG (offered you’re using a genuine oyster sauce).


Pisco is a Peruvian brandy that’s manufactured in wine-creating locations of Peru. Although it has not been right up until relatively not too long ago that Peruvian wine has made a splash in the US, the winemaking sector there dates again as much as the conquest of the Inca Empire by the Spanish in the 16th century. Wine was at first distilled into brandy as an additive utilised to maintain wine, but it soon obtained it’s very own name and area in the pantheon of the world’s fantastic spirits. Due to the fact the flavor of pisco varies so a lot by the grapes used make it, there are 4 distinct designations of Peruvian pisco: Puro (produced from a one varietal), Aromáticas(made from a Muscat varietal), Mosto Verde(created from partly fermented grapes), Acholado (a mix of several versions).

I used Pisco Aromáticas as I really like the fruity fragrance it imparts, but other kinds will work, and if you cannot locate Pisco close to you can substitute a grape-dependent brandy this kind of as Grappa.


Whilst not all variations of Lomo Saltado use vinegar, for me it is a need to. It’s not ample to make the dish overtly bitter, but it aids provide the tangy components this kind of as the tomatoes and peppers into the fold even though adding another dimension to the flavor profile of the dish.

1 substantial departure from traditional recipes is that I like to time the french fries with vinegar and salt. This not only assists the salt stick to the potatoes, but it also results in a great flavor contrast that tends to make things pop.


To appreciate the taste of all the substances (and to make it child-welcoming), I stored the spices to a bare minimum, employing some black pepper in the marinade and cilantro to end the dish off. I have observed versions of Lomo Saltado that are spiced with every little thing from cumin to oregano to Ají Amarillo paste, and this is an location you can experiment with to uncover the right stability of spices for you.

To modify the heat amount, I served this with a bottle of Marie Sharp’s so that absolutely everyone could personalize it to their liking. I know this very hot sauce is from Belize, but it happens to be 1 of my favorites.

The Meat

As the identify indicates, Lomo Saltado is generally made with beef loin. Although tougher cuts tend to be more flavorful, they need to have to be cooked reduced and gradual in buy to make them far more tender. Since stir-fries are cooked scorching and rapidly, you want to use a comparatively tender cut of meat.

With beef, there is generally a immediate correlation in between tenderness and cost, the more tender a minimize, the far more it’s most likely going to value. That’s why my advice below is to use the most tender minimize of beef that you can find the money for. I employed a number of pieces of tenderloin.

Lomo Saltado, or "jumped loin" is a delicious mashup of Peruvian and Chinese cuisines, featuring beef marinated with soy sauce and pisco stir-fried with onions, tomatoes, and peppers; and it's topped off with crisp French fries!

The Greens

The goal with the veggies is to insert texture and flavor contrasts, which is why it is crucial to not


Like most stir-fries, this one starts with ginger and lots of garlic. I like to mince up my ginger as finely as attainable since it tends to be the two powerful and stringy, but I like to go away my garlic in rougher chunks, which retains it from burning and results in these awesome pockets of garlicky goodness.


As with numerous substances in our present day pantry, chili peppers are native to South America. They sooner or later created their way to China, where they’re extensively used in Sichuan cuisine, but which includes them in Lomo Saltado is not only delicious, it’s a symbolic representation of the chili pepper’s journey all around the world and back.

The traditional pepper to use is the Ají Amarillo, which is a prolonged yellow pepper that is sweet and reasonably spicy, but it’s tough to locate clean outdoors of South America, so I have substituted yellow bell peppers. These can be augmented with much more strong versions of chili peppers to provide the heat, or do what I did and serve the concluded dish with some hot sauce.


Crimson onions are the way to go below for both their colour and sweetness. When chopping these for Lomo Saltado, I like to slice them in direction of the core so that they type wedges.


Tomatoes are an additional component native to Peru, and they make a fantastic addition to finish off this stir-fry. For most dishes, I’d advocate utilizing the ripest tomatoes you can locate, but because you do not want the tomatoes to disintegrate, a firmer tomato is the way to go listed here. You’ll also want to take away the seeds, as the liquid about them will make the dish too watery.

French Fries

If you completed studying the final area questioning about the potatoes, really don’t fear, I have not forgotten the most crucial portion. Even though it may possibly seem a little bit odd to the uninitiated, Lomo Saltado is completed with a generous sprinkling of French Fries on prime!

This combo is outstanding on numerous levels the most apparent of which is that all potatoes can trace their roots to Peru. Yep, you read that proper, the french fry, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, and potato chips, did not exist ahead of the ancestors of the Inca domesticated them.

Furthermore, for anybody that’s at any time poured chili on your fries, or caught some potato chips in a sandwich, you know the synergy that exists amongst fried potatoes and savory foodstuff. I’ve long been a admirer of throwing fries into other food items, and it’s wonderful to see a dish in which they are an integral component and not just an afterthought.

With tender beef marinated in soy sauce and pisco, Lomo Saltado is a delicious Peruvian-Chinese stir-fry that's loaded with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and garlic.

How to make Lomo Saltado

Like most stir-fries, this one commences with marinating the meat. Meat has a inclination to expel liquid as it cooks, which makes it really challenging to period in a rapid stir-fry. By marinating it beforehand, you can guarantee that it is seasoned to its main.

Simply because stir-fries are cooked sizzling and fast, you’ll want to put together all the other substances that are likely into it and have them close to your stove, so that you can add them in one soon after the other. Cooking the stir-fry way too slowly and gradually, or not obtaining every little thing all set will outcome in issues acquiring overcooked, or even burnt.

I normally start frying the potatoes just ahead of I start the stir-fry, this presents them just sufficient time to cook by means of and crisp up. I also prep the sauce for the fries so I can toss them as I drain them.

Like most stir-fries, Lomo Saltado is cooked in phases. It starts with ginger and garlic, and then the meat receives swiftly browned ahead of currently being taken out from the pan. The explanation for this is that leaving the beef in the pan although you stir-fry the veggies will lead to it to get overcooked, which will make it difficult and dry by cooking it in this order, and transferring the meat out of the pan, the browned juices from the beef coat the greens, imparting a wonderful savory flavor to them.

As soon as all the veggies are cooked (but even now crisp), the beef receives added back in, together with the tomatoes. This receives tossed together with the remaining sauce and plated up with the french fries and some cilantro on best.

Lomo Saltado


Generate: 2 servings

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: seven minutes

Whole Time: 17 minutes


Lomo Saltado marinade

For French Fries

For Stir-fry

  • 2

    vegetable oil
    (divided in 2)

  • seventeen

    (~3 massive cloves, crushed &amp chopped)

  • eight

    (finely minced)

  • 100

    purple onion
    (sliced into wedges)

  • one hundred

    yellow bell pepper
    (~one/two pepper, sliced)

  • Aji Amarillo
    (or other spicy chili pepper, optional)

  • 200

    (cut into skinny wedges, seeds taken off)

  • Cilantro
    (for garnish)


  1. Include one-inch of vegetable oil to a large bottomed pot and heat to 340 degrees F (one hundred seventy C)

  2. To make the marinade for the Lomo Saltado, blend the soy sauce, pisco, oyster sauce, purple wine vinegar, and black pepper collectively in a bowl.

    Mixing sauce for Lomo Saltado in a glass bowl with a white spatula
  3. Incorporate the sliced beef to a bowl and marinate with fifty percent of the sauce.

    Marinating beef tenderloin in sauce for making Lomo Saltado
  4. To make the sauce for the fries, whisk with each other one tablespoon of crimson wine vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon of salt and some chopped cilantro.

    Mixing salt, vinegar and cilantro to make sauce for French fries.
  5. When the oil is up to temperature, include the potatoes and cook until the french fries are golden brown (about 7 minutes).

    Making the French fry topping for Lomo Saltado by deep-frying potatoes in oil.
  6. To make the Lomo Saltado, add 1 tablespoon of oil to a large frying pan in excess of substantial heat. When the pan is scorching, insert the marinated meat and stir-fry until the beef is virtually (but not fully) cooked by means of. Transfer the beef into a bowl and established aside.

    Stir-frying marinated beef in a frying pan.
  7. Add the remaining tablespoon of oil to the frying pan and insert the garlic and ginger. Saute right up until the aromatics are fragrant (about thirty seconds).

    Sautéing garlic and ginger in a frying pan for making Lomo Saltado
  8. Insert the pink onions and peppers and stir-fry right up until the onions are cooked via, but even now keep their condition.

    Stir-frying red onions and peppers for making Lomo Saltado.
  9. Add the tomatoes and beef back into the pan and then incorporate the remaining marinade. Toss to coat evenly. The Lomo Saltado is accomplished when the sauce has caramelized around the substances. Do not overcook this in any other case, the tomatoes will leach out a bunch of liquid, making your stir-fry watery.

    Stir-fried Lomo Saltado in a frying pan.
  10. When the potatoes are done, drain and transfer them straight to the vinegar and cilantro sauce and toss them close to to coat evenly.

    Tossing fried potatoes in vinegar and salt to make the topping for Lomo Saltado.
  11. Plate the beef with rice and fried potatoes and then garnish with the cilantro. Get pleasure from it with your favorite sizzling sauce if you want to insert some further warmth.

Nutrition Specifics

Lomo Saltado

Quantity Per Serving

Energy from Excess fat 360

% Every day Value*

Whole Excess fat40g

Saturated Excess fat 22g



forty one%

Total Carbohydrates35g

Dietary Fiber 6g

Sugars 5g


Vitamin A

Vitamin C
one hundred fifty five.5%




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