London Street Food from the Caribbean Tried and Tasted in Borough Market


14 thoughts on “London Street Food from the Caribbean Tried and Tasted in Borough Market”

  1. You know that's one thing I know that Caribbean is don't do that they don't share the food with the same hand I take the money but I know that other foreigners do it you are not black so I don't know who's been putting this on YouTube but I have never seen it otherwise we're going to buy black people especially Caribbean do not like to eat from dirty people we are very particular we we eat our food and if anyone is going to handle any roti or dahl or any kind of food without proper sanitary we will not eat Fulham my sister-in-law cooks food and sells it on the street one person takes the money only and the other person service of food so that's a lot of b***** somebody's trying to stab black people in the back especially Caribbean we don't stay like that but I can tell you who does that and they do it in a restaurant as well they're very nasty we na nasty so

  2. I have come to enjoy and binge watch channels with VLOGS that consist of Food that is sold in the borough market! Sadly.. This is one more VLOG that has dim the light on me wanting to come experience the food market. First off.. Where are the gloves? Why are they messing with raw meat.. touching and pulling up their dirty pants.. touching the money and doing all this while preparing and handling people food! Food that they are paying for! Im going to say this.. If you dont have a problem with it… Hey.. thats your body and your money. These men are disgusting.. I dont think alot of people realize that food poisoning can leave you gravely sick.. can even paralyze you and worst of all.. kill you. Im not going to pay no one money to kill me. Where is soap? Sink? Where do they go and wash their hands after using the bathroom? The guy with the hat on need to be banned from any place serving food because you can tell by his actions.. he dont care how he handle the food. All the bald guy care about is taking the money and stirring the rest of the dirty food he is about to sell. People like the guys in this VLOG is the main reason I dont even goto fast food joints or restaurants! Think about it.. If these guys are in broad daylight without shame selling food without taking any hygiene responsibility. You can only imagine what the people are doing behind the scenes at the fast food joints and restaurants! Yuck.. Yuck and YUCK!! NO THANK YOU! Sidebar: I was quick reading some of the comments and I notice people cursing and getting mad just because others are pointing out the unclean nature of these vendors. Huh? What? Why? Everybody has a right to there opinion! If you wouldn’t have a problem eating the food.. I salute you!
    Peace.. Love & Medical Insurance!

  3. Woah. The comment section is full of ignorant elitist. As long as the food they're making is good, I don't give a damn about the sanitary shits you guys have been yapping about. At least, I can see how they're making my food. A few "germs" won't kill me. -.-

    Go and eat at your local McDonalds and stop complaining about everything.
    P.S: Fast foods are wayyyyyy worse than street foods.

  4. the food looks good, but poor food sanitation practices, they need someone cashing and giving out drinks, and no gloves is a no no. then they wiping their dirty hands in their aprons. Very very poor food handling practices

  5. Well, I for one will NEVER EVER go there. Same hands that handle money wrap the burritos? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Oh, and no gloves either. So disgusting.

  6. Man, I thought Americans loved putting everything into a tortilla wrap, but compared to this, and just about all your other videos of London markets, geez… The food looks delicious, of course, but generally very inauthentic, and catered to British tastes, which makes sense… I just don't know if you can objectively tell the foundational difference between most of these "international" cuisine booths tbh… 9 times out of 10, it seems like the bestseller at any booth is going to be some type of grilled meat, with a salad inside a burrito, or I mean wrap, lol… And if not a burrito, then a sandwich.

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