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Stick to these simple ideas and methods in producing your very own pizza crust!

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15 thoughts on “Make & Sort Pizza Dough | Cooking How To | Food stuff Community Asia”

  1. This is fucken retarded. You I'm going to tell you guys how to make a pizza
    2.5 cups of flour
    1 tsp of yest
    2 tsp of sugar
    2 tbsp of oil
    1 cup of warm water
    Then mix until it's kinda tuff
    Then you put it in a bowl wait 1-2 hours then roll it out and make your pizza

  2. I found the recipe for this video! It's online at In the search window of (upper right corner) type in: How to Make and Form Pizza Dough. It will pull up this same video that they call "How to Make and Form Pizza Dough: A Step-by-Step Guide". It gives the full directions along with photos of each step.

  3. Heres my Pizza Dough recipe! It makes greatt 18" pizza with just the right amount of crust, or makes a amazing large pan pizza!! its ready in hour and half!!

    First portion is to proof the yeast for fast rise:
    Mix and let sit for 30mins;
    1 cup of warm water (~100 degrees)
    1 cup of high gluten flour (as long as its high protein it'll work great!)
    1 table spoon olive oil
    1 tea spoon sugar!

    after sitting for 30 mins;
    mix and let sit for 1 hour
    1 cup of flour
    1 table spoon salt!

    and it should be ready and make a delicious pizza! If you like the dough recipe please subscribe to my channel! i like to build electronics!

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