Malaysian Food – Fish Balls

Among the Asian foods, fish ball is one of the predominant dishes that are popular in Malaysia too. This dish can be found in almost every cooking menu. It is commonly used as topping for noodle based or soup based dishes in Malaysia.

Sweet and sour fish balls are popular among the locals of South Asian countries and are easily prepared. The elements used are very trouble-free. These fish balls are also available as frozen foods and thus can be immediately served. The best way of having them is to serve these balls with the steamed rice. Some people also prefer to take them as snacks.

There are varieties of fish balls available in markets that are ready to serve. Some of low quality have a strong fish odor and become plain powdery because much too much is used in them.

They are usually sold in the wet markets of Malaysia and are commonly traded by the Chinese traders. Fish balls are preferred with crunchy taste. It is recommended to cook them on the same day these are purchased so that they remain fresh in taste. People like cooking it with glass noodles. Rice can be served along with this dish. If Chinese salted vegetables are added in this dish, it adds in a great taste to it.

The food heritage of Malaysia is very rich and these dishes are now a blend of their traditional as well as modern recipes. Some of the traditional dishes are so famous that people wait for hours for a vacant seat in any restaurant. The Malays are expert in their cooking and keep on experimenting with their dishes so that new and improved versions can be introduced.

Fish balls an also be described as ball shaped petty made up of minced fish. These are usually yellow in color and about inches or two in diameter. These are prepared by pounding rather than grounding and different in texture than the western balls. As described earlier there are varieties of ways through which they can be prepared. By frying or by boiling, the method of preparation depends upon the preference of the individual. In Hong Kong, this dish is served in two ways; one eats it with noodles while the others like to have it as skewers in food stalls. These skewed balls are also put on the bamboo sticks and dipped in various sauces. The fish ball stands are equally popular as that of hot dog stands in other countries. In Malaysia, people prefer to have it with rice. They are a delicious dish and one should taste it at least once in the life.


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