Marseille’s Obsession With Pizza | ANTHONY BOURDAIN: Pieces Mysterious 6

Tony explores Marseille’s intensive obsession with pizza and salutes the longstanding custom of prime-notch Neapolitan-design pizza vehicles.

Show: ANTHONY BOURDAIN: Pieces Mysterious
Period: 6
Episode: 5
Telecast date/time: Begins 6 SEP | TUE 9.50PM | 8.50PM BKK/JKT | 9.55PM KUL | 9PM MNL

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3 thoughts on “Marseille’s Obsession With Pizza | ANTHONY BOURDAIN: Pieces Mysterious 6”

  1. Sorry, but this was way too short. Just when I was getting into it, and he was explaining the unique aspects of Marseille pizza, it cut off. What the heck man! I need my fix! Scratches arm

  2. "it became too black" tony has zero understanding of Detroit history and the politics behind it. yeah its the evil white folk, fuck oof tony!!

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