Massive 10+ lb Chinese Foodstuff Challenge

So I ultimately determined to give you fellas a larger obstacle. Been heading a little too simple lately. I really like me some superior chinese foodstuff so in this video I go to my regional chinese food stuff restaurant and do an Epic Chinese meals challenge. This was more than 10 moreover lbs . of meals. Do I complete it ? Enjoy and obtain out !

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40 thoughts on “Massive 10+ lb Chinese Foodstuff Challenge”

  1. There were 2 bad things about this vid
    .cheated by giving the food 2 the dog
    .teasing the dog with the food

    But I liked it cos it had Chinese food in and I love Chinese food

  2. Wayne me and my son must be honest. Most u tubers could care less about the people they just want the money. But you do care you appreciate your fans and your not about the money. We love you for that your a good person and great eater and we love Weston. But thank you Wayne because my son (Shamar) can see people do appreciate their support instead of just money. I want to personal thank you Wayne for always responding to our messages. Out of all u tubers your the only response to his messages, and I really Appreciate it. May God bless you my friend.

  3. The eating is great, but fast forward video during eating is not, less fast forward and more normal eating, can't enjoy it if it's too much fast forward, give some more food to the dog. He is waiting. The dog needs his own plate.

  4. You feed your dog stuff he should not eat. This is an old video and have watched all new ones and have seen the same thing. And alsofeeding your dog stuff from your food doesn't count as well.

  5. Food looks amazing but honestly what is the point of these food challenges? Other then giving yourself heart disease, high cholesterol or diabetes. I’m not saying any of this to be rude I just don’t understand the point of a 10 lb food challenge in your kitchen alone.

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