MASSIVE $500 YESSTYLE TRY-ON HAUL💸 (my biggest haul yet!)

Whats up guys so a pair weeks in the past the worldwent on a quarantine to you already know support preclude the unfold of the virus and keeppeople safe which is particularly best however I noticed on social media that quite a few peoplewere now not completely happy about that they were not joyful about their plans being canceledand not being capable to you know hang around with their friendsand honestly selfish but additionally the Heike introvert in me was fairly completely satisfied becauseit was once eventually socially acceptable and rewarded to simply keep at residence and justbasically change from like my daytime pajamas to my middle of the night pajamas but inall seriousness guys i hope that you’re doing well i am hoping that your households aredoing good keep secure keep diligent and now i’m going to give you my biggesthaul yet this is considering the fact that I ordered stuff pre quarantined after which when it arrivedI used to be just like wow this isn’t principal to our currentsituation in any respect I do not know the place i am gonna wear this miniskirt now cuz I’mdefinitely no longer gonna put on it at residence so i’m gonna show you guys the stuff Iordered before but additionally the extra vital merchandise which might be relaxing andcozy and optimistically will help you cross the time in the course of this demanding interval soI rather failed to comprehend what to do to ease your guys’s stress but I knew I didn’twant to do nothing so i am giving for free two units of face masks there are sevenface masks in here and it comes in this extremely lovely translucent bag that youcan certainly use one mask for every day of the week and i’ll tellyou extra about learn how to enter into this giveaway later within the videoalright i have quite a bit to show you guys pile one pile two pi o three so this isone of the gadgets I bought that I was once similar to i don’t knowwhen the next time i’m gonna wear that is i don’t put on various skirts and Imost certainly don’t put on skirts for the period of a world pandemic and so once I’mallowed to put on this again i’m gonna be tremendous excited for the reason that it used to be handiest tendollars it can be totally stretchy so i’m going to be comfortable sporting it andthere’s additionally two tiny slits that style of make your legs appear a bit sexier andlonger all proper so i’m carrying the item now and i obviously adore it it’sthis $5 like form-fitting lovable mild blue cherry tank high I think this isgonna be super handy to kind it looks relatively adorable at residence lounging round butI might also see it watching relatively adorable out there on the planet likethis makes me suppose like an edgy tick-tock girl and i am all about it allright so considered one of my favorite matters that I bought in the course of this haul is thisextremely cozy cute and cozy crew neck that is perfectduring quarantine season and honestly just spring almost always considering it’slined with fleece so it’s relatively tender but it additionally implies that it can be verybreathable I reside on this crew neck it comes on this particularly beautiful pastel colorbut it also comes in like dim sum dumplings rice with mushrooms I’mgetting so hungry right now and low so you can symbolize yourfavorite foods like i really like this so much and i am without doubt gonna throw this onafter the video so sure i don’t on no account fails to amaze me with their inventoryI purchased this it’s no longer a stapler it is a meals sealer and it’s most effective four dollarsall proper let’s all right so we will deal with this like a Dairy Queenblizzard scan and just flip it over and see what occurs Wow so yes L is one ofmy favourite areas to purchase image tees I think like they’ve one of these broadarray of designs that we will prefer from I additionally recognize that i’m going to see designs on yesstyle and then a couple months later city Outfitters starts selling them andI’m identical to why are you seeking to sell me the equal factor for like ten timesmore i’m now not about it all right so i’m about to show you guys a gem I thinkthis is my favourite t-shirt that I’ve ever bought from sure tile and thatbeats the Donna kebab t-shirt that I maintain raving about it’s this koalafarmers market t-shirt it is giant like I consider I would wear this as a gown it’sa tremendous lovely graphic and it is available in a ton of special pastel colours and thisis just PO wallah tee Wow I hate myself all correct so not too long ago I’vehad a lot of time to observe Korean dramas and consequently I see that quite a lot of themwear adorable circle glasses they usually’ve been carrying those for a long time Iactually bought a pair of circle glasses once I used to be in high college aboutten years ago when it used to be now not cool to love Korean dramas and kpopand men and women just suggestion I looks like Harry Potter in any case I acquired this new pairfor two bucks and so they appear so lovable like wow I think like I just upped my IQby 10 features but oh i’ve information for you guysso I’ve on no account mentioned this on my channel before but a couple of monthsago I was let go from my job on my birthday I studied really difficult follow tothe grad university of my dreams and the day prior to this I acquired in i’ll be going toGeorgetown and i’ll quite often be producing extra like vlog e scholar typevideos i’ll nonetheless be doing trend movies but this is rather like a wholenother segment that i am including to my channel so i am reallyexcited about that so for those who noticed my nice of sure form you already know that i love thetude house drawing eye pencil it’s literally two greenbacks and 84 cents thereis the product on one finish and a spoolie to help you out on the other finish soduring this haul I stocked up on this product but I alsosaw that a tude residence had other eyebrow merchandise that I particularly was once inthis one’s more of a marker and i’m gonna exhibit you guys how I practice it onthe different facet honestly they’re each relatively excellent which does a lot in view that Ireally love this product I suppose like they are both convenient to apply it’s rough tosmudge either of them I consider it is just based on choice of what you adore butI consider they are both fairly low priced strong products that you simply will have to are trying soI lately bought this sunscreen by Beor it’s eastern and it can be SPF 50 plus thisis an effective product it can be tremendous handy to applyit certainly included my dermis from those vibrant rays on the seashore it can be justextremely light-weight it does not have that you understand cakey white movie thatsunscreen commonly has and it smells really just right very well so I simply finishedmy make-up and the final step is to do my lips so I purchased these in basic terms based offof packaging but i like them so much the primary one i’m gonna are attempting it on for youguys is quantity 9 lychee coral so this product smells rather just right as you cansee it would not take quite a lot of product to use to make it appear smooth I reallylike colours which are rather identical to subtle and candy and it might actuallybe like your ordinary lip colour so the next colour is just a little bit darker it isnumber six thick fig all right so both these colours areextremely gorgeous I feel if I had to choose one my favourite could be thick figit’s just a bit bit much less brilliant and extra romanticin bruges so I just lately bought this make-up brush cleaner for six dollars Iam now not the kind of person that cleans their make-up brushes customarily I don’tremember the final time I cleaned my make-up brushes so I bought this to kindof like make it more fun and convenient for me to wash this removed a lot dirt frommy make-up brushes I suppose like this gets the excess trappedmakeup that I would certainly not reach earlier than so there used to be an object that I used to be mostexcited to receive throughout this haul and it is this sharp air pod case it’s socute and lovely is this better and heavier than the normal air pod caseyes do I mind carrying him around far and wide no so some thing I purchasedthat i’ve been making use of every single day is that this new Shiba Inu for iPhone casesorry it’s just a little soiled considering I spilled that tea on itif you’re watching for a brand new mobilephone case I highly advise going to sure tilethey’re all like below 5 dollars so you fairly can not beat that and this hasbeen lovely high-pleasant I’ve dropped it a number of times it hasn’t shattered thecase or iPhone but so pre Corona I suggestion I was gonna be visiting a lotbut plans exchange and that’s k I still have the touring casesthat I suggestion I was once gonna use so now i will just use it for something elsebut the primary one I bought was once this adorable brown endure bag it has a pinkinsert and like an lovely divider within the center it additionally has somewhat openingfor you to position your wired headphones or any other wires that you just could need tosling by means of the subsequent toiletry baggage I bought was this lovable pink rabbit quickly the within it appears like an attractive commonplace toiletries bag once I see thisI see like an awfully mini lunch box that holds like one sandwich in it i’m notsure what i am gonna use it for yet it can be it can be $7 but i am nonetheless pleased that Ihaven’t all correct so that you can enter in the giveaway one you have to be subscribedto my channel to remark beneath what objectives are events you might want tostart or gain for the period of this interval when you’ve got the posh ofstaying at residence three follow me on Instagram i’m gonna be posting a pictureof the giveaway and remark two of your friends that you’d prefer to join youthank you a lot for staring at until the tip of the video guys I make videosevery Thursday but i have been pretty excellent everyone seeing two movies a week sodon’t overlook to hit the notification bell so you understand after I add a videoand i’ll see you guys soon

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