Master How To Get Chinese Food White Individuals!




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44 thoughts on “Master How To Get Chinese Food White Individuals!”

  1. Most places have a few authentic dishes (e.g. Kung Pao Chicken), but unfortunately a lot of restaurants don't have a lot of non-Americanized dishes.

    Some of my favorites are Niu Rou Mian (Beef Noodle Soup), Dan Dan Mian and Hong You Chao Shou (dumplings in red chili oil).

  2. Okay, so next time I will ask the waiter for: "ants climbing a tree", "killing the pig", "strange-tasting chicken wings" and a portion of "big-ass dumplings".

    This will either be funny or super awkward. 😀

  3. Fried Whole Fish in Ginger Sauce, Snails in Black Bean Sauce, velvet beef or chicken, Sticky Cake, and my all time favorite treat, la bia ( a lard flake pastry filled with red bean paste) Mooncake. Dammit, I need to be back in NYC!
    OMG, I forgot, Fried Durian! A true slice of heaven.
    Thanks for making me hungry for real food and homesick! xx

  4. What about Szechuan chicken and beef, or Chicken with Cashew Nuts, or General Tso Chicken. I have had lobster with the Cashew Nuts or Orange flavor… and shrimps too. It's delicious!

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