Meranti Plywood – What, How, Why

Meranti is the trade identify applied in the plywood industry to designate a selected selection of tropical species of rainforest trees from the Shorea family.  It is endemic to Southeast Asia with the greater part of species rising all through Malaysia and Indonesia, whilst it can be identified in elements of the Philippines and Northern India as perfectly.

Meranti Wood Homes

The wood is very similar in color and grain to Mahogany and hence is sometimes referred to as Philippine Mahogany whilst the grain texture is rougher than real Mahogany.  Meranti is an interlocking grain, non-resinous wood, making it really desirable over other tropical species these as Keruing which might have oily cores.

Design Usage

Meranti is a tropical hardwood with density different from 25 to 50 lbs/cu ft.  It truly is resilience and fairly low value of manufacture make it perfect as a utility wood solution for non-cosmetic utilization these as container, flatbed truck and van lining, RV design, drawer bottoms and sides, and so on.  For the reason that of its steady grain and uniform color it is also laminated and rebranded for use in cabinetry and flooring within just the United States.  In elements of Mexico, red and pink species are sought immediately after for cabinetry and woodwork, wherever the cosmetic deal with is instantly uncovered.

Meranti is also applied to assemble boats, wherever its rainforest properties make it possible for it to truthful perfectly to exposure to humidity.  These woods are generally BS1088 qualified if going to British isles markets, and are bonded employing some sort of Phenol or Urea Formaldehyde waterproof (WBP) resin.

Charges of Obligation in the United States

In accordance to the 2009 Harmonized Tariff Program of the United States, Meranti plywood is topic to a 8% import obligation except if originated from tariff exempted nations these as Indonesia.

Manufacture and Production

Meranti is widely sought immediately after all through Europe, Asia and North The us, however potent need for its cheaper alternative, Chinese Birch, has caused a contraction in international output quantity.  As a outcome, hundreds of factories all through Malaysia and Indonesia have closed down.  In addition, as a outcome of its Critically Endangered conservation position, it is no for a longer period produced in the Philippines and quotas have been strictly reduced all through most of Indonesia.  The international need of Meranti remains unsure in the entire world of plywood manufacture.

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