MERGED 2 CHINESE Places to eat. PRANK Get in touch with || Zak Longo

I read this prank once on Howard Stern numerous many years back. Where you simply call one Chinese restaurant and position a big buy- Then you request them to repeat the purchase back again to you, and then you phone a 2nd restaurant and connect the two calls… if that was bewildering, then hold out right up until you hear this prank contact LOL…. I’ll be doing this each Monday! Comment who should really I prank phone subsequent?

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29 thoughts on “MERGED 2 CHINESE Places to eat. PRANK Get in touch with || Zak Longo”

  1. It’s funny but sometimes I feel like you should actually order something for wasting their time. They have work time and the time that you are making your pranks they could be picking up someone else’s call and just make money out of it. Maybe you should go to these 2 restaurants, place an actual order and tip them fine for it.

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