MLM Opportunity Seeker – Qivana Products – Are They Worth It? – A Review

MLM Opportunity Seeker – Qivana Products – Are They Worth It? – A Review

All right, all you MLM opportunity seekers who are looking for a network marketing company, or you folks who are in an MLM already but may be looking around for something better… Here’s the product scoop on Qivana, one of the new kids on the network marketing block. Qivana brings to market two unique and value laden product systems designed to heal the family by addressing specific systems of the human body.

Qore System is made up of four products for you, mlm opportunity seeker…

  • Qore Probiotic-strengthens immune system and digestion=a healthier you

beadlet designed to deliver one billion live, active, human strain probiotic bacteria to the lower GI tract, guaranteed. The guarantee lay in the Tri-Sphere technology used to deliver the bacteria. This technology allows Qore Probiotic to navigate through the acid of the stomach, the graveyard of any probiotic whose delivery system is liquid, capsule, powder, or enteric caplet, and into the lower intestines where it releases the probiotic bacteria to colonize and bring balance to the lower GI. This, in turn, allows the immune system to strengthen and the digestive properties to function better. Eighteen month shelf life, too. No refrigeration needed.

  • Qore Essentials-adapts to the need of your body- a “smart” product… a blend of three of the most storied Asian herbs never before put together into one product. This proprietary blend touts itself to give a natural energy boost. It also acts as a regulator of blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and has anti-inflammatory properties. All brought to you in a granular powder form similar to the Pixie sticks of days gone by.
  • Qore Detox-a targeted internal cleanser… one of the only oral detox products you can get without a prescription in the United States. It acts to eliminate heavy metals, toxins, and free radicals while not touching the nutritional minerals and vitamins we need for daily functioning. Its delivery agent is modified citrus pectin. It’s beyond the scope of this article, but Google “modified citrus pectin” and you will be amazed by what you find.
  • Qore Defense-the immune booster…, a blend of six of the most potent medicinal mushrooms known to Chinese medicine. Qore Defense focuses on bolstering and strengthening the immune system so it can help ward off sickness and disease.

Qore Metaboliq is a 90 day weight loss/weight management system made up of…

  • Metaboliq Shake-you won’t go hungry… Qivana touts this as the perfect balanced meal which will keep you from going hungry in between meals…a novel thought indeed! The shake is taken at breakfast and lunch for the first 30 days and just at breakfast for the next 60.
  • Metaboliq Boost-accelerate the loss… Taken 30 minutes before the Shake, Boost acts as an igniter of your metaboliq furnace to put your body into protein synthesis, the key to safe weight loss. This capsule, when combined with the Shake, accelerates weight loss.
  • Metaboliq Stick-it’ll get you through… Stick is actually a chocolate-like bar to be taken as a dessert at lunch or as your mid-afternoon snack. It’s yummy!
  • Metaboliq Resist-keeps you honest… I call this the accountability pill. After supper, if you are the type of person who has a “sweet tooth” and you crave a sugar product, this product will help. It’s actually a lozenge which you allow to dissolve in your mouth. Resist acts to block the sugar receptors in your mouth giving the food a sugarless taste. Amazing, huh? If you continue to eat anyway, Resist lines the intestines to prevent absorption of the sugar into your body. Lasts for roughly 2-3 hours.

Like Nothing Else in the World…

The product lines are outstanding. There are no products exactly like it in the world. Qivana has taken great care in selecting its first two lines within the parameters it has set for itself: improving the quality of life for the family through world class supplement products. Qivana has no formulators on the payroll. Rather, Qivana has sought out the premier formulators in the world to partner with to bring to market their products. All products are proprietary. Most have patents on them and, in some cases, multiple patents. With all of the products, Qivana possesses the exclusive world wide licensing/marketing rights, giving it a great competitive edge in this area.

Try ’em out…

Test drive the products and see for yourself. In this unregulated world of dietary supplements, the Qivana product lines are a breath of fresh air!

Paul Boone is a firm believer in doing due diligence with every decision, especially those dealing with choosing a business path. Paul can his knowledge of online marketing tools to help anyone interested an mlm opportunity like Qivana to maximize his or her potential. Like most things, however, it boils down to commitment.

Source by Paul Boone