Most High-priced Teas

The hills of Darjeeling are dwelling to the most high priced teas in the planet. Termed the queen of teas, these leaves are completely handpicked by the ideal of the employees and only on whole moon nights.

Fetching up to four hundred pounds for every kilogram, these silver suggestion luxury teas are a single of the most expensive kinds. The first flush picked in early April has a much better aroma. Also these leaves are smaller sized in size and require increased care. A sort of oolong identified as Tieguanyin is very highly-priced tea and served in China only for specific situations. There are two types, a single picked in drop and a person in the summer time.

These leaves are brewed several instances to infuse a great flavor. Silver needle, white peony, tribute eyebrow and very long life eyebrow are varieties of white tea which are also quite pricey. Leaves are plucked even just before they open completely and fried to prevent any sort of fermentation. The silvery hairs lend an unique search.

The yellow gold buds from Singapore are 1 of the most expensive varieties in the globe. Harvested only on one particular mountain, just one day in a yr, these leaves are coated with 24 carat gold flakes. Possessing a gorgeous sheen, these gold coated leaves may perhaps price tag up to hundred Singapore pounds for a handful of grams.

Gold is viewed as great for the overall body and the care taken in plucking these leaves and drying them to extract the right amount of money of juices clarifies the higher price tag of these high-priced yellow teas.

Resource by Janet Louis

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