MUNCHIES Guide To Berlin: Thai Market, Kumpir and Potato Pancake

Our host Kavita takes a look at the food from the New Berlin. After the Berlin Wall came down, Berlin experienced great change as artists from all over the world visited, restaurants and bars opened, and the food culture modernized.

There is a lot of great cuisine to try out in the city of Berlin, including its street food, market halls, and cheap döner kebabs. In this episode, Kavita will feature the best and most interesting street food spots Berlin has to offer, from authentic Thai cuisine to Turkish food stands, which brought the al fresco dining culture to Berlin.

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40 thoughts on “MUNCHIES Guide To Berlin: Thai Market, Kumpir and Potato Pancake”

  1. Not to be a dick, but do they pay a permit to sell food in park? Local governments are anal about that…
    and what the hell? you didn't eat your own fucked up potatoes?

  2. I think these vids are fascinating and I'll be using these next week in Berlin! However, the doner kebab wasn't invented in Berlin, it seems to have been created as we know it now in 1945 in Istanbul, and the first doner kebab shop was apparently started in London in 1966! It didnt arrive to Germany till 1969!

  3. why the fuck does munchies hire People like this to do food shows.. "that's so good no consistency with potatoes but apples help" like da fuck a 5 year old could do your job. plus. THE FUCK DID YOU JUST DO TO A POTATO PANCAKE! AGHHBBBAHAHABABBABA as a chef she needs to fuck off or actually learn some shit about food. pick up a culinary text book lv one Jesus.. painful to watch. this is some food network shit

  4. This woman talks disgusting, looks disgusting, laughs disgusting. Literally the only word that comes to my head watching her shit over these places is "disgusting"

  5. God I hate how tourists will ruin these places now. SHhhshhh tourists, just go to mustafas and please stay there.

  6. Great stuff! Is that jazz music in the background from Berlin though? 😀 sounds very American (but sounds great nontheless and goes great with the video)

  7. wtf is she doing at 05:00 f.e. She clearly spoke in german to the guy first that's why he keeps talking in german she clearly understands every / most of the words and yet keeps talking in english ffs. She also switches a lot in between which is hella annoying as well. If you want to reach a wider audience just stick to english or just speak german the whole time with correct subtitles it's not that hard jesus
    EDIT: I just saw she keeps doing the same thing the whole time switching around even though you can clearly see that most of the people are uncomfortable speaking english which makes it even worse that she is not speaking in german the whole time

  8. i have never been to Thaiwiese yet but I should one day, the people seem very friendly and the food looks amazing.

  9. Re: the Donair….just an FYI nearly everywhere claims to be the inventor of the Donair. So I do doubt 70s Berlin is the origin as I've heard late 60s Eastern Canada.

  10. So funny to hear Thais speak with German accents. Very cool. I wonder if German is easier for Thais to learn than say English ?

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