Mystery of The Five Things

Mystery of The Five Things

As stated, the Tao exist in involving Yin and Yang. All existence has a beginning and an ending. The Tao is the path in involving the beginning and ending. The Tao is have been existences progress. If the path is divided in to five phases, it would turn out to be the five phases of existence which are Delivery, Development, Experienced ,Decrease and Death.

The five aspects are references of the five phases of existence.

The five aspects: Drinking water, Wooden, Fire, Earth, Metal

Five Levels of Existence:

Delivery   ==> Development ==> Experienced ==> Decrease ==> Death

Drinking water ==> Wood  ==>  Fire      ==> Earth    ==> Metal

Generation Cycle of the Five Things

  • Drinking water gave birth to Wooden.
  • Wooden gave birth to Fire.
  • Fire gave birth to Earth. (When wooden is burned, it turns in to Earth.)
  • Earth gave birth to Metal (Metals occur from the ground.)
  • Metal. Metal gave birth to Drinking water. (When strong melts, it becomes liquid.)

Drinking water ==> Wooden ==> Fire ==> Earth ==> Metal ==> Drinking water

Creation Cycle

Generation Cycle of the Five Things

Drinking water gave birth to wooden. In Chinese, it is identified as water sheng (?) Wooden. The Chinese character sheng (?) can also be interpreted as creation and nourishment. In other terms, water gave birth to wooden can be interpreted as water generates and nourishes wooden. Generation is a force that retains its descending component alive and wholesome. Wooden simply cannot exist with no water. Therefore, water is auspicious and useful to wooden. The conditions “give birth to”, “creation”, and “nourishment”, are use interchangeably during this web site. The basic this means to these conditions is useful to.

Destruction Cycle of the Five Things

As there is force of creation, there is also force for destruction. In any other case, daily life will exist eternally.

  • Drinking water afflicts Fire.
  • Fire afflicts Metal (hearth melts metallic).
  • Metal afflicts Wooden (as an ax chops down a tree).
  • Wooden afflicts Earth (The roots of a a tree hold soil in area and absorb the nourishment sort the earth)
  • Earth afflicts Drinking water (When earth is threw in to a puddle, water is absorbed).

Drinking water ==> Fire ==> Metal ==> Wooden ==> Earth ==> Drinking water

Destruction Cycle

Destruction Cycle of the Five Things

Drinking water afflicts fires in Chinese it is identified as water ke (?) hearth. The Chinese character ke (?) means damaging to, hostile to, and damage. Since of it, water is damaging and hostile to hearth. The phrase damaging hostile and damage are used interchangeably during this web site.

The Relationships Amongst the force of creation and destruction and the Self

Destruction Cycle

Generation Cycle and Destruction Cycle of the Five Things Mixed

Have you at any time puzzled, why there are only five aspects, not four and not 6? Assuming that every of us (all existences) have two forces, the force of creation and the force destruction. I exist, as a result I have these forces. Actively, I can generate and I can damage. Passively, I exist because I myself was made by the force of creation 1 working day I will stop existing because I will be ruined by the force of destruction.

4 interactions of Existence:

————————– Active (Yang)—– Passive (Yin)

Favourable (Yang)——–To Build——— Developed By

Detrimental (Yin)———To Damage——– Distroyd By

The self is I (wo ?). It is I myself staying the existence and because I exist, interactions are staying formed involving me and some others. If I am hearth (component of hearth) then I was made by wooden considering that wooden gave birth to hearth. Wooden nourished me and I developed. Wooden is my mother or father. My creation is earth. Earth is my little ones. Earth deprives me. I am afflicted by water, considering that water puts out hearth. Drinking water hindrances my advancement. To me, water is my authority. Since I exist and staying what I am, I have a organic tendency to bring about affiliation on medal. I am hearth and hearth melts metallic. Metal is my prosperity. The four interactions, mother or father little ones, authority, prosperity and I sort the the five aspects.

Five Factor Relationships:

Five Element Relationships

Drinking water as I

Water as I

Wooden as I

Wood as I

Fire as I

Fire as I

Earth as I

Metal as I

Metal as I

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