Nuclear Jobs, Watch Out For India

In February 2011, an American delegation under the leadership of the commerce secretary Gary Locke has been visiting India.The visit will help create links in aeronautics and nuclear between USA and Indian companies. US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke will meet top government and corporate heads between 6 February 2011 and 12 February 2011. Along with Mr Locke, officials from 24 US corporations will be visiting India and trying to forge links with their counterparts. On his last visit to India, Mr Locke was accompanying the President Obama. Around 10 billion USD worth of business deals were then decided with the result of supporting 50 thousand jobs in the USA.

The main information for nuclear jobs is that Locke will attend a meeting with the Department of Atomic Energy and the Nuclear Power Corporation of India. It is important to remember that one of the areas of cooperation between India and the USA is climate change. India has the third largest Asian economy, just after China and Japan. The population of India is well above one billion people. The GDP has been steadily growing despite the current world economic downturn. The country is therefore viewed as next awakening giant worthy of attention. Nuclear energy is one of the key areas to develop in order to address issues of global warming. It is an efficient way of producing energy without affecting the climate unlike coal and petrol. The population of India is growing by 1.55% per year. Besides, the economy of India is expanding. This means that the needs in energy will be growing whilst the world resources in fossil fuels are becoming scarce. Because the needs in energy of India will continue to grow in the next years, it will become more and more important to use nuclear power in the energy mix to mitigate the impact on the climate.

The economic climate means that the USA cannot afford to continue its technology denial sanctions towards India. In June 2010, the External Affairs Minister of India S.M. Krishna came to Washington for a strategic dialogue to identify areas of cooperation between the two countries. The U.S. views India as a growing world power with which it shares common strategic interests. A strong partnership between the two countries will continue to address differences and shape a dynamic and collaborative future. The United States is India’s largest investment partner, with a 13% share. India’s total inflow of U.S. direct investment was estimated at more than $16 billion through 2008. Conclusion Watch this space. The cooperation between the United States of America and India is likely to help create jobs in the nuclear industry both in India and in the USA. These jobs are likely to involve technology. It is important for specialists in the nuclear industry get ready and keep informed of development in order to seize opportunities as soon as they arise.


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