Organic Food In Singapore – A Market View

Just a few years ago, organic food in Singapore used to be unheard of and had an infamous reputation for being indentured from traditional foods. However, ever since the major epidemics that had happened in the world including Sars and the avian flu, people are starting to look for alternative health food to supplement their diets because they believe it can boost their immunity system.

Here, organic food is now making inroads rapidly in Singapore and has even extended its reach to heartland areas. It used to be only large super markets have an organic food corner but nowdays, even the small supermarkets in the suburbs stock a wide range of both locally grown Singapore organic food and imported organic foodstuffs too.

Although the prices of organic food has not come down much through the years compared to some of the other more common food supplies, it still does not deter most people from trying an organic product or two. These people, although they make up a small group in comparison to the general population, are very loyal to the organic brands that they consume. In fact, the total revenue from these group of people can support the 50 organic food stores in Singapore. An approximate spending figure on the organic food market in Singapore is around $ 6 million to $ 10 million dollars annually.

The market of organic food in Singapore are both widely accepted by both the young and the old in Singapore. A survey found out that the youngger crowd consisting of professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and young business people consume organic food regularly. They usually buy large quantities of oat and organic brown rice to supplement their typical asian diet of rice. Some of the organic food stores in Singapore are finding it hard to keep their organic food in stock even, because the demand for such organic food is high. Many of these people received receiving health benefits and an improved immune system from drinking organic fruit juice and eating organic foodstuffs.

Traditionally, organic food in Singapore are imported from Australia, New Zealand and the United States, with the US being the major exporter and bringing in the bulk of organic food into Singapore. However, due to the increasing demand for a wider range of organic products, neighboring countries like Thailand and Malaysia have committed themselves to be future sources of organic products which are coming in to Singapore.

With the recent government master plan of attracting more foreign talents into Singapore, more and more foreign talents are forming a sizeable expatriate community here. These large expatriate communities made up mostly of Western and Japanese professionals and their families also purchase organic products on a regular basis.

Singapore is becoming one of the most important markets for organic food. However, as a whole, the market for organic food in Singapore is still growing but its set to increase dramatically in the coming few years.


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