Organic Food Market in China Soaring

When people think of China they really do not think about organic foods. In fact, due world news about their pollution in China many people see it as a polluted wastland. Of course, China is a huge place, and the pollution is only near the factories and down River from these regions. We have all heard about the dolphins in the Yangtze River, and we know that river will be void of life and oxygen within less than a year.

Most of us have also heard that off the coasts of Shanghai and Beijing there are huge dead zones in the ocean. Never in 1 million years we would consider that the Chinese are very much into organic foods. But did you know that they import an abundance of organic foods from all over the globe, and they still have over 1000 certified organic growers domestically.

So not only are the Organic Farm product imports doing well there, but it is a new huge domestic industry. In fact, there is more organic certified food production in China than in the United States; I bet you did not know that? Not only that but it is growing by leaps and bounds, and there are expected to be 2500 certified organic growers domestically in China by 2012.

The growing middle class in China wants safer food products, and they realize how important organic foods are. You must understand it goes good with their culture, and fits right in with their eastern style medicine, and holistic health habits. The organic food market in China could easily become a $ 10 billion industry within the next decade. Please consider all this.


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