Oyakodon (Rooster &#038 Egg Rice Bowl)

Oyakodon (親子丼) is a classic Japanese chicken and egg rice bowl, with tender pieces of chicken and sweet onions simmered in a sweet and savory dashi broth which is thickened with egg.

The Japanese phrase Donburi (丼) refers to a type of bowl utilised to provide meals in it also refers to a class of dishes served in the eponymous vessel. Donburis variety from Gyudon (牛丼), to Katsudon (カツ丼), to Soborodon (そぼろ丼), but maybe the most famous rice bowl is Oyako Donburi (親子丼) which is often shortened to Oyakodon.

I’ve accomplished a model of this traditional chicken and egg rice bowl ahead of, but Oyakodon is one particular of individuals home-cooking dishes that is made in about as several approaches as there are cooks who make it. Right now, I want to share an additional fashion of this lunchtime staple which employs a various method to cook the hen.

Instead of pan-frying the chicken very first, it will get simmered in dashi broth. Since the rooster is not subjected to large temperatures, it remains tender and juicy. The only downside is that you really do not get really as significantly flavor out of the hen. To compensate, I throw in a handful of onions to the dashi ahead of including the chicken. The onions add a ton of taste to the broth while also giving the Oyakodon a mellow sweetness that balances out the savory soy sauce.

<img src="https://cdn5.norecipes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/07090901/oyakodon-chicken-egg_005.jpg" alt="Making Oyakodon (chicken and egg rice bowl), just like the best chicken restaurants in Japan is easy.” width=”2000″ height=”1334″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-96465″ />

I typically have a bottle of smoky umami-prosperous property-made dashi on hand to make brief operate of dishes like this, but you could also make this employing rooster inventory in a pinch.

To end things off, an even drizzle of eggs go above the chicken, which will help bind almost everything jointly although thickening the dashi. I like my eggs a little bit runny, which is why I let them steam right up until the eggs are nonetheless a bit jiggly on best, but this is an spot you can alter to go well with your tastes. Yet another region of personal preference is the rooster. In Japan, Oyakodon is manufactured with pores and skin-on rooster thighs, but if you don’t like the texture of hen skin, really feel free of charge to use skinless thighs.

A spoonful of Oyakodon with chicken, onions and egg on rice.

Slide the chicken and egg mixture onto a bowl of steaming very hot rice, best it off with a sprinkle of mitsuba (a.k.a. Japanese parsley) and shichimi togarashi, and you have a colourful lunch-in-a-bowl which is soul-satisfyingly excellent. With huge chunks of plump, juicy hen that are barely held collectively with creamy egg infused dashi, each and every bite is a revelation on how a few basic substances can be so scrumptious when place collectively in the right way.

Oyakodon (Hen &amp Egg Rice Bowl)
The Japanese term Donburi (丼) refers to a sort of bowl utilised to provide foodstuff in it also refers to a class of dishes served in the eponymous vessel. Donburis assortment from Gyudon (牛丼), to Katsudon (カツ丼), to Soborodon (そぼろ丼), but perhaps the most popular rice bowl is Oyako Donburi (親子丼) which is frequently shortened … Keep on reading through “Oyakodon (Chicken &amp Egg Rice Bowl)”Marc Matsumoto


  • ProgramEntree
  • DelicaciesJapanese
  • Yield1 serving
  • Cooking Time7 minutes
  • Preperation Timethree minutes
  • Overall Time10 minutes


1/4 cup


2 tablespoons


one tablespoon

soy sauce

1 tablespoon


40 grams

onion (one/4 tiny onion, sliced)

a hundred grams

boneless pores and skin-on rooster thighs (cut into three/4-inch pieces)

1 serving

cooked rice

mitsuba (or scallions for garnish)

shichimi togarashi (optional)


  1. Onions simmering in dashi for Oyakodon.

    Whisk the eggs in a bowl right up until they’re about 50 percent blended, but there are nonetheless some white locations remaining.

  2. In a modest frying pan about the diameter of the bowl you prepare to provide your Oyakodon in, incorporate the dashi, sake, soy sauce, sugar, and onions, breaking up any clumps of onion as you insert them.

  3. Provide the dashi to a simmer and cook till the onions are virtually tender (about minutes)

  4. Chicken and onions simming in dashi for Oyakodon.

    Incorporate the rooster and cook dinner right up until the rooster is cooked by way of (about minutes).

  5. Egg swirled with dashi chicken and onions for Oyakodon.

    Drizzle the egg in excess of the hen in a determine eight sample to ensure it truly is evenly dispersed.

  6. Change down the heat, and then protect and steam the eggs for one-two minutes or until they are you carried out to your liking. As the egg steams, smack the bottom of the pan against the burner a few times to redistribute the eggs so that they cook dinner evenly.

  7. Chicken egg and onions cooked in dashi for Oyakodon.

    Incorporate a single serving of rice to a huge bowl even though the egg steams. When the egg is carried out, slide the chicken and egg on to the rice. Garnish your Oyakodon with scallions or mitsuba and shichimi togarashi to flavor.


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