Panda Express VS. Genuine Chinese Food

Today I am examining some American Chinese food. We most likely to Panda Express as well as offer it a comprehensive evaluation.

Track: Grillabeats – Shangxin.
Title: Shangxin.
Musician: Grillabeats.


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Regarding Me:.
I am initially from Dallas, TX. I stayed in China for 2 years functioning as an English educator in Zhengzhou, China. I liked functioning as well as staying in China so I began recording my life there. I developed 80 episodes regarding my last couple of months in China. As I recorded a fish story unravelled as well as I’m below currently to share my experiences with every one of you! Thanks a lot for enjoying!


20 thoughts on “Panda Express VS. Genuine Chinese Food”

  1. Panda Express gets hated on, but it’s always delicious! A consistent taste every time. Honey walnut shrimp, teriyaki grilled chicken, and fried rice/chow mien half and half are my go to. Can’t beat it!

  2. No panda express in NZ we prefer athentic Chinese restaurants here, like eating where chinese like eaing as it is more authentic. Not overly sweet and deep fried, not the type I eat at home everyday. I eat Cambodian chinese food at home.

  3. You’re sooooo cute.
    And I don’t think Kung Po chicken’s flavor is similar to that in china.
    Btw, you can use the coupon on the back of the receipt if you get a bigger plate.

  4. The Panda Express in the USA was opened by Taiwanese . Most of mainland Chinese didn’t know that. I tried when I was in California , I had never ate so weird Chinese food before. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy it. After I got back to China I made a search and found was made by Taiwanese immigration.

  5. Panda Express looks like Chinese KFC and McDonald's.
    I remembered I watched the “Friends” before at the Youku (Youku is Chinese video websites )
    Most dramatics personae always order fast food to be their lunch and dinner.
    Sometimes, They take plate and popcorn chicken with chopsticks.
    Now I realized it’s Chinese fast food as same as Panda Express while watching your video

    First of all, I will describe that orange chicken. I’ve heard if before but I thought it seems like Chicken with Dried Orange (陈皮鸡). But the real flavor is fresh and spicy. I know most American don’t like to taste the spicy food, that's why orange chicken tastes like sweet and sour. It is the famous snack in the United States.

    The second one is Kung Pao Chicken, Its also famous dishes in China.
    Our main material is chicken breast, dry red pepper, carrots and peanut, Sometimes we like put into some cucumber in it. I live in Southern China. Maybe sometimes the flavor, a little bit spicy because we usually put some Sicilian pepper on it. We call it as 花椒 in Mandarin.

    The last one is Beijing beef, I’ve never heard it before. But it looks like good.
    About the rice, I know a little bit of America culture, Most America prefer to taste some food which made from corn and wheat. But I heard some Chinese town Friends tell me someone likes to taste the yellow rice. I don’t know why? Is this really true or not?
    Keep going on Bro, I am looking forward to your next video.

  6. next time, try to cook the noodle. China has a lot of kind of noodles. Suggestion to cook: 红烧牛肉面(Beef noodle), or 香菇炖鸡面 (chicken and mushroom noodle, easier to cook).

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