Part 10 – Moby Dick Audiobook by Herman Melville (Chs 124-135)

Part 10. Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Read by Stewart Wills.

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21 thoughts on “Part 10 – Moby Dick Audiobook by Herman Melville (Chs 124-135)”

  1. Cool that he had the balls to post this stuff for people who want to watch it. If you don't like it, constructive criticism people! Meh, if he likes this kinda thing, let him do it.

  2. He piled upon the whale's white hump the sum of all the general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down; and then, as if his chest had been a mortar, he burst his hot heart's shell upon it.

    Ahab just didn't know when to quit

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