Philippines street food items – Road food items discovery

Visit street markets close to the earth to cook dinner and take in fantastic street foodstuff. ME25


25 thoughts on “Philippines street food items – Road food items discovery”

  1. Sorry but can't stand with this crazy man he look stupid and also city look very very dirty so i stop this video and no more watch. bye

  2. chef Lao, masyado nyo na- modified ang Jumping Salad nyo!.; balatan nyo naman. o tabggalin ang ulo. ang lansa!

  3. Philippines street food? Parang mali yata ang title.. Street cooking cguro : shrimpss ? This is not the normal street food here the PHilippines

  4. okoy is made up of small shrimps, not big ones and flour only mixed with bits of your spices, NO KAMOTE/SWEET YAM SLICES!. simple okoy is more delicious and CRISPY in A MAIN DISH with the vinegar sauce!!!! KAMOTE STRIPS (ONLY) DIPPED IN FLOUR AND EGGS IS ANOTHER STREET FOOD AS A SNACK! chef Lau's version of upgrading this okoy dish as a street food is an EPIC FAIL, does not show the real street foodies. magpakatutuo lang sana. #justsaying#

  5. nilasing na hipon? eh okoy ang ginawa. walang kwenta ang kinuhang tour guide. nakakaloka. kung anu anung tinuro hahaha

  6. lechon lang ang pwedeng maipagmalaki ng pilipinas. dhil lechon lang ang original dish nti yong iba tulad ng diningding law oy, pinakbet hindi nman matake ng taga western eh. only letchon.

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