Phnom Penh Cambodia Mekong Delta Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Vacation Whole Documentary

Phnom Penh Cambodia Mekong Delta Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Vacation Whole Documentary

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The Mekong River is just one of Asia’s fantastic waterways -a powerful, mesmerising and lifestyle-offering force that professions from the icy mountains of Tibet to the humid rice fields of southern Vietnam. Together its journey the river blesses Tibet, China, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam with its bounty of foodstuff and transportation alternatives and is the lifeblood of hundreds of men and women who stay alongside its banks and endure from its fish and the irrigation alternatives it presents to if not remote rural locations.

I have explored and journeyed alongside the river at a variety of details of its route by means of south east Asia. On my 1st excursion to the area as a young backpacker in the late 1990s I took a sluggish boat from Huay Xai (the border town in the north of Thailand and Laos) to Luang Prabang, and from this time onward I have been fascinated by discovering the Mekong and its tributaries. I have been privileged to journey down and stay together with the river in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Nevertheless, the so-termed ‘Mekong Delta’ area of Vietnam had eluded me on my travels right until lately, and what a take care of I had been missing!

The Mekong Delta refers to a massive location of Vietnam from its border with Cambodia to the coastal shores of the south of the region in which the Mekong last but not least finishes its enormous journey. The location is usually referred to locally as the ‘Rice Bowl’, these kinds of is the fertility and irrigation alternatives that water’s stream provides.
Most guests to Vietnam will remark about the frenetic nature with which the Vietnamese men and women seem to be to go about really considerably anything they do. Crossing overland into Vietnam from Laos or Cambodia, you will see a marked variance in the degrees of human action. I remember travelling into northern Vietnam from Laos after on the Laos facet of the border have been remote villages scattered each twenty kilometres or so, with dry paddy fields and the occasional glimpse of tribal ethnic minority villagers sleeping in the mid-working day warmth. Nevertheless, just across the border it is a entirely unique story, with ingenious irrigation and farming devices in position and a hive of action with men and women planting, chopping, creating, transporting. I remember that on the Vietnamese facet of the border they get an more rice harvest each 12 months. The good reasons for these discrepancies are almost certainly deserving of a independent post altogether so we will not go into them in this article. Yet, the Mekong Delta mirrors these before observations — never prior to I had I witnessed these kinds of intensive and remarkable use of the river’s unquestionable gifts.


27 thoughts on “Phnom Penh Cambodia Mekong Delta Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Vacation Whole Documentary”

  1. I really enjoy this video, thanks for posting… actually am planning to go somewhere this December. Well, it will be Vietnam as I want to see the Mekong River.

  2. when you have a human trying to go against nature it only lead to destruction and when we flow and respect nature our minds become like wonders

  3. Clean water and environment is precious but when industries take over they ruin it. And the clean up is huge, so people need to work together with government.

  4. What are you saying. The name of the river"Me Naam Kong"(មេ ណាម គង្គ) it not all Thai word. The word "Me(មេ)" is Khmer, Thai haven't this word. The word "Kong(គង្គ=គង់)"is also Khmer,the root of the word "Kong" is from Pali (=Water). About the word "Naam" it mean (water) it's a Thai word. So when you speak in Khmer it should "Me Kong(មេគង្គ)", but in Thai "Me Naam(មែណាម)", but difference sound. Not "Me Naam Kong" cause Kong &Naam = Water. And "Me"=Mother.

  5. It's very much a pity, but China has gained it's economic position in the world because the rest of the world just handed it over to them with the US being the biggest culprit.  How China handles it is a different story though.  I don't think these Asian nations and people are going to be compensated for what they are doing and sure are not going to be made whole after the inevitable happens with these dams and massive disasters occur because of it.

  6. Great video! How do we help the people down river know about the dams up river? Do allt he governments agree on this project?

  7. Ocean going sail boat is the tech these people yearn: one they could build and use local resources efficiently.

  8. Carp,bamboos, rice, and other unknown are quick trades to get rich bc they grow quick and strong as well as have great utilities.  Ben Tre, Nha Be, Dong Nai el al are names that have trades or resources related.

  9. So anyone used to live in one of these floating villages or communities?  where equity barely exist and trade depended on human labor and "shared" riverside natural resources.  The barrier of entry in these parts are biological and primitive risks that depended on human knowledge of the habitat and its people.  Yet the trades of commodities and rare metal still flourished here as risks have been diversified down to an individual level since thuggish Communist regime.  Petro tech from the US have made an impact here, expansion and shrinkage of these micro economies happened here.  Carcasses of tractors littered the rice fields and mesas, where aged old tools have made a come back: the buffaloes.  Ocean going ships laid rotten on riverside, replaced by wooden long boat powered by small Honda engines.  Huts of specialized tradesmen flourished and changed with the landscapes. The people lived in a timeless moving world.

  10. If Cambodia become Industrialize nation, all these will be gone for good. Thanks god they are not. living in the poor country base on Economy statistic, was not that bad after all. life go on regardless economy status. and people find its way to enjoy it.

  11. I just finish watching it was good…. Man that guy was lucky that elder lady open her home to him to keep himself warm up… Overall its was good thanks for sharing with us.. =D… 

  12. China is holding the Ace's Card.  According to China's News, the Leader of China, Xi, Jinping, says China will controls(invades) Vietnam without firing a single shot by 2020.  Evidence speaks for itself as you can see in this video.

  13. Great Documentary, really enjoyed it. The information about the Chinese Dam building is rather worrying … 

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