Popular Tea Houses in Beijing

Tea is an important aspect of Chinese culture. Tea ceremonies were a part of the daily lives of the people in old China.

Tea Houses have been a hub of social activity since olden days. In earlier times, people gathered in the tea homes in the evenings and relaxed after a long tiring day. They discussed their day and other issues over a cup of tea. Today too the tea house is a perfect place to relax and sip some of China's refreshing tea. Some tea houses serve light snacks along with the tea.

The Yi Qing Quan is one of the well-known tea houses in Beijing on the North Ring Road in the Xicheng district. It is artfully decorated by various artifacts which are a part of the owner's collection. The theme of the décor is the Suzhou mini landscape park.

Lao She Tea House is by far the best tea home in Beijing. It is named after the famous dramatist, novelist and teacher Lao She and is located near the Tiananmen Square. The tea homes is known for its amazing tea and the confections served along with it. Another reason of its popularity is the nightly performances. Beijing opera and acrobatics, comedy shows and dance performances are regular features of this place. It is a treat to watch the waiters pour tea from a long spout teapot into small tea cups from a reasonable distance masterfully.

The Cha Jia Fu Tea house is a beautiful octagonal building located Hou Hai Park in the Xicheng district. The tea home is tastefully decorated with Ming and Qing dynasty furniture and the tea sets themselves are works of art as they have been especially designed by famous artists. The place serves tea and traditional Chinese snacks.

Ming Hui Cha Yuan tea home is located in the Dajue Temple in the Hai Dian District. It is an open air tea home and is an ideal place if you want to enjoy a great cup of tea in peaceful atmosphere.

The Mingren Tea House is another place in Beijing where you can gather over a cup of hot drink. It is frequented by families and businessmen for its elegant décor and tea. The WuFu Tea House claims to be the largest tea house in Beijing. It serves tea from various parts of China. To create a peaceful Chinese ambience, melodious tunes are played on traditional Chinese instruments. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the cup of tea of ​​your lying.


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