Prime 10 Common American Asian Foodstuff

These are the very best meals from Asia to The usa. Welcome to and currently we’re counting down our picks for the Prime 10 Common American Asian Foodstuff. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this checklist, we’re seeking at the most preferred and tasty foodstuff which originated in Asia that quickly grew to become very well-regarded in The usa.

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37 thoughts on “Prime 10 Common American Asian Foodstuff”

  1. Why the @$!# is orange chicken not on this list. That's one of most iconic Chinese American dishes and Watchmojo carelessly casting this dish aside is down right disrespectable.

  2. This is a great list. Twiced cooked pork is one of my favorite as well, but you could make this list the top 100 dishes and you could not go wrong….

  3. I have watch several videos about "Americanized Chinese Foods" & I observed that the majority of dishes are popular & widely eaten here in the Philippines in restaurants, in family meals & special occasions.

  4. why everything come from china???
    just because china restaurant sell it so it come from china??
    is there no more country in asia who owner it??
    peking duck is from thailand
    fried rice is from indonesia
    beef brocolli formally come from all of south east asian nation (ten country) but known as singaporean beef broccoli not from china china china,……
    not only china country in asia dude..,

  5. Uh, gross New Zealand accents on some of the clips. You don't really notice the accent in day to day life but in this context where it's sandwiched between American accents I realise how ugly the way we speak is.

  6. Would everyone in the comments mind letting go of the stolen footage bullshit? And I thought Roman Reigns had more backlash.

  7. I'll eat Korean BBQ the night before an anime convention. I'll eat beef Bulgogi and have Sapporo beer, sake, Ramune soda, and Pocky sticks before and anime con.

  8. What's the difference between Lo Mein, Chow Mein and Pad Thai? They're practically the same except worth Chow Mein you can have crispy noodles too.

  9. As a Chinese, I have to say, Peking duck is very famous, but it is not the best Chinese food . There are thousands of Chinese dishes, too many delicious dishes.

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