Real SHANGHAINESE Foods w/ JIMMY O YANG! (Over and above Soup Dumplings) // Fung Bros

What is your favourite Asian cuisine?

Q38 in San Gabriel


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30 thoughts on “Real SHANGHAINESE Foods w/ JIMMY O YANG! (Over and above Soup Dumplings) // Fung Bros”

  1. How does the restaurant get by with selling chicken that is not even cooked? Not only is the inside very under cooked. In addition the outside is completely still 'raw' in terms of it's texture and appearance. It's still yellow and has the raised bump areas from where the chicken was first plucked.

  2. 3:10 the part she talked about why shanghainese food are so shinny. I believe another reason was shanghainese like to put a lot of thick and dark sauce in their food, either sweet or salty. Like a good old saying, "浓油赤酱", which means "thick oil and dark sauce". Look at the pork belly and small ribs, those dishes needs a lot of soy sauce and sugar to thicken up the sauce. (OMG, why am I watching and commenting this at 12 am on a tuesday night)

  3. Wow, Jimmy got me with that Shanghainese phrase at the beginning of the video. And as I am going through the video, "oh , damn, he really speaks Shanghainese!!"

  4. My grandparents on my mum's side came from Shanghai to Hong Kong, and I learnt Shanghainese from my mum, and Cantonese from my dad. This is now making me hungry for a ton of Shanghainese comfort food. Although, mate, some of the translations are wrong, but some of the stereotypes are correct, I'll agree with that.

  5. Finally an entire episode on Shanghainese food!~ If the Fung bros ever visit Shanghai, you guys should definitely check out Fu 1039 or 1088; the best and most authentic Shanghainese cuisine restaurant, in SH. 🙂

  6. it is the nice programme, but please adjust the subtitle " French Concession" into "Former Fench Concession". We are no longer processed by any foreign country. The same situation happened a few years ago, an old Shanghainese man complained about a restaurant advertisement, the outcome was the restaurant paid penalty for "French Concession". Thanks

  7. OMG 从最早电影里一个小角色 到硅谷Jin Yang 然后看了些他上的脱口秀聊到自己的书和经历 我一直以为他是香港人 后来才知道原来父母上海人 直到我在这里听到他说上海话 亲切度倍倍倍增。 结棍

  8. Hey Fung Bros. guys, do you mind if I translated some of the footage into Chinese and post on Chinese social media? Just wondering cuz the content is so good and it's good to know people describle Shanghai Cuisine in English

  9. As someone who's been liked Jimmy Yang for so long, I had no idea he's from Shanghai. 嗲! I am wondering if I can get in touch with Jimmy cuz we are both from Shanghai and I am also making some contents online and introducing our culture and people in English from mainland China.

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