Relaxing Holidays in Asia

Most people travel to Asia for exciting adventures complete with jungle treks and forays into buzzing metropolises. Indeed, this is an exciting part of the world and for many people it represents a very different atmosphere which begins to be explored. That said, the area offers some great spots for relaxing as well and you can find some amazing, affordable place to let all of your cares slip away. Here are three Asian destinations where you can chill out and unwind after your exhilarating adventures.

Many people come to India to see one of the most diverse and popular countries. Stretching across a huge swathe of land this is a traveller's paradise and you can travel from swelling cities to the unbelievable heights of the Himalayas in one trip. It also has some great beaches, particularly in Goa a province which has become very popular with pleasure seekers. You can find many good resorts here and generally spend your time lazing around or surfing in the warm waters. There are also some great things to see as the area has some beautiful buildings left over from colonial times.

Cambodia is one of the most interesting countries to visit. It has a starting beauty and one of the world's finest attractions in the difficulties of Angkor Wat. Yet it is also a thoroughly sad place as it was not too many years ago that it was held in the throes of one of the world's greatest tragedies, perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge. You can come here to see the temples and come to terms with some sobering history, yet it also has some great beaches. Sihanoukville is the best place to relax as it has a beautiful beach and an array of fun things to do – the area also has a reasonably lively social scene so you can relax during the day and head out at night. The weather is absolutely wonderful as it looks out onto the beautiful Gulf of Thailand.

Finally, you can head to Laos, one of the most thoroughly relaxing places in the world. The pace of life here is very slow and in many places you will find little traffic. That said there is a reasonably developed tourist trade and you will find many hotels and restaurants that cater to travelers. It is particularly worth visiting Vang Vieng a beautiful town on the banks of the Namsong River: the community is surrounded by incredible limestone cliffs and you can relax in its many pleasant hotels.

Asia is an amazing place to visit for many different reasons, indeed it has great scenery, food, natural beauty and relaxing spots. Holidays to Goa , Cambodia and Laos can be incredibly relaxing. Best of all these destinations are generally very cheap as hotels and food in Asia can be bought at bargain prices – this makes beachside retreats here a particularly good idea as you will find them much less expensive than similar holidays in other parts of the world.

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