Scottish Haggis – Traditional Food From Scotland

When traveling to different countries it is always important to bring home some traditional souvenirs. Traditional haggis is a souvenir that you can bring home in two different ways. Haggis is a commonly known dish that is made out of what is considered "sheep's pluck". That is the sheep's liver, lungs, and the heart. It is then minced with many different ingredients that include oatmeal, spices, salt, suet, onion, and stock. They then simmer the meat inside of the animal's stomach for a few hours. It sounds unappealing but it is a popular due to its unique taste and references in regards to Scottish culture on American television shows such as the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson for example. Learning how to make this haggis would be a fantastic way to bring home as a souvenir. How how unappealing it sounds is said that it has a nutty texture and tastes wonderful.

There is a lot of folklore surrounding this traditional Scottish meal. The best (and cutest) story surrounding haggis is that the animal that is used to make this dish is actually a small animal that has a set of legs that is shorter than the other set of legs. This is to prevent the Haggis can be on the highlands without falling off of the ledges. In fact, many Americans believe that haggis is actually a real animal while it is really often made out of sheep.

There are many variations of haggis in Scotland such as "haggis supper" that includes chips (French fries), a "haggis burger" that is served on a bun, and a "haggis bhaji" which is served in Indian restaurants around the area of Glasgow. There are even vegetarian alternatives for those that do not eat meat. With so many variations there are a lot of options for those that want to take part in this traditional Scottish meal.

For those that are uninterested in eating any variation of haggis, there are stuffed animals that can be bought home as a traditional souvenir. Bring home a cute stuffed haggis to keep as a memory of when visiting Scotland. In fact, haggis is known to be banned in America. So, if you are a rebel without a cause it would be fantastic to learn how to make it. Or if you are in line with the law, it would be best to just purchase a stuffed haggis.


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