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It may be difficult for you to find an adequate Indonesian grocery (or any at all) around your area. Asian groceries are becoming more popular, but they are still hard to find in some areas. If so, you have two choices. You can resign yourself to never finding the Indonesian food you love and instead looking for substitutes in your local grocery store. Or you can do what so many other people are doing in this day and age – shopping Indonesian groceries online! There are several websites that offer an Indonesian grocery store full of content with online Indonesian foods from all the well-known brands at some of the lowest prices in North America. There were some made precisely because of the average problem finding the right Asian markets or any Indonesian grocery at all.

The concept behind the startup of one I recently visited, called Toko Gembira, created the online Indonesian grocery to remedy the difficulty with finding Indonesian food: they had to drive forty miles just to find an Indonesian grocery for the right kinds of ingredients. In order to address the problem of scarcity of Indonesian groceries, the rising gas prices and the rising food costs because of it, and in order to help people avoid traffic jams, the owners of Toko Gembira created the website for all online Indonesian food needs. They also wanted to respond to the prevalence of problems with other online Indonesian groceries such as overpriced online Indonesian foods, overpriced shipping charges, and a minimum purchase requirement. This store has no such limitations on their online Indonesian food. They created their website to be easy to navigate, with low-priced online Indonesian foods, reasonable shipping charges, and no minimum purchase requirement. They even accept Paypal for easy and secure online transactions.

At most online Indonesian groceries, the web sites will offer a wide array of online Indonesian foods in easy sections – the online version of aisles. There are beverages, flavorings, snacks, sauces, cracks, and other things. Some of the well-known brands they carry are ABC, Wayang, Munik, Bango, Bamboe, Kukagumi, Kokita, Gembira, Silver Queen, and Beng-Beng. Most Indonesian food websites also provide a blog that includes some item reviews and delicious recipes for your online Indonesian foods that you can use with items from your local grocery as well. And just so that you can get that more intimate shopowner/shopper feel that you can usually only get in a walk-in Indonesian grocery, many owners also link to their personal website – you know who you are buying from, and you are not just an empty face to them. If there is a problem with the product, almost all sites have a reasonable return policy viable within five days of the original delivery, and you will be credited in the same way you purchased the item within seven days of the return.

So if you have been having trouble finding the right Indonesian grocery for a comfortable taste of the homeland or just an interesting change in your weekly dinners, go online and find a safe, cheaper alternative to driving for hours or purchasing products at other online Indonesian groceries.

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