Singapore Nearby Food – Shortly Shortly Chinese Teochew Porridge Cafe!

Shortly Shortly serves excellent Teochew Chinese porridge in Singapore.
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For a lot of Chinese Singaporeans, Teochew rice porridge is one of the final ease and comfort dwelling design foods to take in. And around Singapore at a lot of of the hawker food stuff court centres you are going to find stalls that specializes in rice porridge and facet dishes. There can be a huge array of distinctive dishes accessible, most of them either stir fried or braised, and all distinctive styles of meats and fish. Some of the dishes are on the plainer facet when many others are a lot more spicy or a lot more salty. 1 of the top recommendations for Teochew rice porridge that I obtained was Shortly Shortly Cafe (near Kovan MRT), and so one day for lunch, my spouse and I headed around there. Thankfully we just scarcely conquer the principal lunch hurry right before it received much too fast paced.

Although housed in a shophouse restaurant, Shortly Shortly is fairly much like a hawker stand. You go up to the entrance of the restaurant, where all the food stuff sits on show, and you choose and select no matter what dishes you want to get. From there, you can select if you want the rice porridge or just a plain plate of rice to go with all of your facet dishes. Several folks get for takeaway, but if there’s an accessible desk, it’s a nice restaurant to hang out for a when and get pleasure from a delectable lunch. There have been so a lot of distinctive dishes to select from that it was a little bit of a rough determination, but I at last arrived to the entrance of the line and selected chicken in a dark sauce with shreds of ginger, eggplant with chili and garlic, long beans fried with garlic, a steamed fish, and a piece of braised tofu.

The Teochew rice porridge was a very little soupy and sticky at the same time. Not like congee which is pretty mushy and sticky, this rice porridge remains a lot more person so you can sense all the grains of rice. In Thailand this design of rice soup, recognised as khao tom, is also pretty common. All the facet dishes have been as delectable as they seemed, straightforward and delicious. The dish I definitely like the most was the chicken stir fried with tons of sweet and spicy ginger, that was wonderful. Shortly Shortly Cafe is a wonderful put in Singapore to take in Teochew Rice Porridge.

Deal with: 13 Simon Rd (Near Kovan)
Open several hours: 8 am – 9 pm (closed on Tuesday)
Selling prices: All relying on how much you get, facet dishes are about $4 SGD for every plate
How get there: It’s about a 5 moment stroll from Kovan MRT station

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32 thoughts on “Singapore Nearby Food – Shortly Shortly Chinese Teochew Porridge Cafe!”

  1. Look very good porridge l like to put salted egg and mince pork try that ask Ying to cook it for you when you get home is look very good you enjoy it thank you for your lovely video .

  2. Wow! Just 36,000 subs till you reach 1 million Mark! 😀 BTW you are without a doubt my favorite YouTuber…your channel was one of the very first channels I subscribed to. Been a fan for almost 4 years. I am disabled and watching your videos is the next best thing to traveling the world and eating food from other countries. 🙂

  3. The "chicken" is actually frog meat, I think. Usually ginger and dried chillies are added to cook this meat to mask its fishy smell and it tastes like "soft" chicken and smoother when you swallow. Chicken meat dishes usually comes in larger chunks. Reminds me of a story….. the maid: Sir, what size of meat portion do you prefer big piece or small. Cut it the same size as my mouth.

  4. Crystal Cafe at Orchard Grand Court, Teochew Muay at Mohd Sultan and Man Le at City Square Mall, I've tried all and above average. Oily steamed fish and braised pork trotters are not at all sinful. #Collagen.

  5. Sitting here have not yet eaten breakfast and I see yet another episode where Mark is living the life as a food critic and tasting what seems to be delicious chicken garlic with sauce. Dreading the time it will take to cook my own meal. I suppose thats why there is phone in takeout. Love your videos Mark and Ying. keep them coming.

  6. I love Rice porridge with chicken but I find the one you ate is too watery .thank you for taking your time to go around the world with us thank you again.

  7. Teochew porridge is the best. I can have plain porridge and get some salted eggs and done my breakfast/lunch is settle. Teochew porridge with salted egg is the best

  8. that fih ismost popular duringchinesenewyerpeiodandoften part of reunion dinner menu cozthat'shetimeofyearhenthis species have lots of fish roe!

  9. hey mark, next time eating teo chew porridge add a couple more tasty additions like salted egg, steamed squids dipped with plum sauce and last but not least, in fact the creme de la creme dish is braised pig trotter and preseved radish(chai poh in chnese) fried with egg andthe braisingsauce of th pig trotter sprinkledwthwifawiff of pepper the porridge is wow! i beliee etereare also many teochew dialect pple in thailand too?

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