SIZZLING Hotpot, Soup Dumplings & SPICY Noodles: Bay Area Food Tour!

This is my last food video while still living in the Bay Area. I had some amazing Sizzling Hotpot, Soup Dumplings, steam dumplings and of course Noodles.

The restaurants:

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Soundtrack by Silk Music:
Track name: Blood Groove & Kikis – Sweet Harmony
Dapple Apple – Cognac 1994 (Teana & Tiida Remix)
Johan Vilborg – Second Wind
Johan Vilborg – Altara [Silk Music]
Masoud & Tara Louise – Goodbye (meHiLove Instrumental Remix)

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17 thoughts on “SIZZLING Hotpot, Soup Dumplings & SPICY Noodles: Bay Area Food Tour!”

  1. HIIII!!! I did try the burger again at the second place and it was much better but I think I was spoiled from the Vancouver pork burger so it was just ok :-/ Also I want to say thank you to all the great people in the Bay Area, sorry my stay was so brief but I really enjoyed my time there. Love you, mean it!

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