Some Brief Thoughts on Croydon, Surrey

Croydon, Surrey is situated towards the south of England, just below London. However while most addresses will be associated with the name of the county of Surrey, this is more of an historical situation. Nowadays Croydon is much more of a sprawling urban area that is beginning to develop its own history rather than being part and parcel of any country.

In the area of ​​Croydon is one of the largest shopping centers in the whole of Greater London. There is a pedestrianized high street and two awful shopping wars that have been identified in order to meet the needs of the growing population in the area.

Pretty much every major retail outlet that you can imagine is located in these shopping areas, as well as many different independent, local, and boutique stores all offering their own branding and unique styles of whatever they sell. In the town there is also an arts and exhibition center called Fairfield Halls.

One of the main striking features of Croydon is the fact that it is so multicultural. You will get all sorts of people from Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, and Eastern Europe all represented in the area. As such if you were to walk down the street you would be likely to run in to people of all sorts of backgrounds, and commonly will find it more difficult to find an Englishman in the middle!

If you are looking to head the Croydon, then it is very well served by different public transport systems. There are three main railway stations in the area, South, West, and East Croydon stations. East Croydon is by far the most lively and popular, and from here it is very easy to get into the center of London in only 15 minutes. There are also many bus stops in the area that will take you to all areas of the South East and London.

Source by Simon Haughton

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